Spectacular Photographers Deserving Far More Notice...

Last night, with all the talk of community, I decided to make a small circle of 50 recommended, but little known photographers. I chose those with 4,000 or less followers. It worked out far, far better than I ever hoped. There really are some true stars in here.

There's a deliberate mix of all styles and genres, so there's something here for pretty much everyone. Give it a try, and please, consider a share if you think it worthwhile - there's a few folks with less than 100 followers! Please help change that.

+Chris Nixon, +Annie Yim and +Kiko Starkmann (for triggering the idea in the first place), +Mike Shaw and +Thomas Hawk for helping in creation and promotion! Many thanks guys!

Edit: +Brian Rose (G+ Photos Community manager) picked out some images he liked from four people here, and they're now featuring a while in the images on the Picasa Web homepage: https://picasaweb.google.com/home Congrats guys!

I'm going to maintain this circle...

When someone reaches 8-10k they can drop out, and a new gem of talent added. I'll promote it periodically. I figure once someone hits 8k+ they should be off and running, and probably in many other circles.

So any talent we've missed can go in the next update!

---Note: I've not included myself, but as I intend to promote and maintain this : Add me if you want to see updates. Simple.

A helpful link borrowed from +Heidi Anne Morris :
Colby Browns "G+ Photographer Survival Guide" http://goo.gl/4yrFo

Everyone in the circle should think about following these folks - they're interested in helping build the G+ community and have hints that may help:+Max Huijgen
+A.V. Flox
+Jaana Nyström
+Rae Ouzts
+Anthony Fox
+Peter G McDermott
+Euro Maestro
+Mari Thomas

And possibly a dozen or more I've neglected :)

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