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Ahmad Saeed
أنا أحب لمشاهدة المال ينمو.
أنا أحب لمشاهدة المال ينمو.
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Middle East Sovereign Wealth Funds Investing in Alternatives
To generate better returns for shareholders, Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are looking to actively invest in alternative investments. #alternativeinvestment   #investingstrategy

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Doing Thorough Research Determines The Best Investments
Failing to thoroughly review investment opportunities reduces the chances an investor will make an educated and confident decision about whether to invest. #investmentanalysis

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Some investing tips I learned years ago have proven to be timeless. They are just as applicable in today's challenging markets, as they were many years ago. #investingtips  

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Timeless Tips For Investing Success in Challenging Markets
Looking back on my days as a novice investor, I can remember
listening to much more experienced investors brag and/or complain
endlessly. I would sit (or stand) quietly and collect bits of their
valuable knowledge, insight and experience. Some of those t...

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Things to Consider When Investing in Emerging Economies
Being successful in finding a good investment requires some degree of research, a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance and some strict due diligence.
#emergingeconomies   #tipsandadvice

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هذا الرجل هو دائما مفيدة للغاية. مرة أخرى، نصائح جيدة.
7 More Helpful Tips For Investing in Alternative Investments
In my mind, investors who follow these additional tips for investing in alternatives should have little (if any) trouble discovering something that matches their tolerance for investment risk, and sets the foundation for a good, long-term alternative investment strategy.


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الصين يحمل الكثير من الفرص للمستثمرين. أنا قلق حول الهند والبرازيل.
If, like a growing number of investors, you are beginning to see the potential in investing in emerging markets; here are some tips for investing in 2 of the world's most prospering markets - China and India.

#emergingmarkets   #chinainvestment   #chineseinvestment

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لإيجاد خيارات جيدة هو العمل الشاق. لا يكون في عجلة من امرنا.
Albeit a welcome change from the days of the financial crisis, accompanying more investment money is a rising number of opportunities to invest. Determining which of these alternatives are the best, is the new challenge for investors.

#alternativeinvesting   #thebest   #investingstrategy

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التجارة بين البلدان في تزايد سريع جدا. هناك حاجة للاستثمار في التجارة العالمية لاستيعاب النمو الاقتصادي.
As the world markets continue to get closer to each other, through technology, infrastructure and demand, the need to invest in global trade to accommodate economic growth continues to become more important.

#globaltrade   #economicgrowth   #investmentopportunities

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Oil Makes My List of Most Appealing Investments on The Planet
Historically, oil has enjoyed a low correlation with equities, meaning oil and oil related investments in a portfolio can provide much-needed diversification, as well as a hedge against investment risks like inflation. #oilindustry
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