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A short post pulling together thoughts on learning and intelligence, and how they could interact in evolutionary advantageous ways.

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This is the very first gif posted online, it's_ 30 years old_ today!
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A few new posts on the Definition Mining site recently. I also just turned on G+ comments on there, so you might be able to comment on posts from here? Not sure how that works yet ...

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Time lapse of the Ucalyi river in Peru over the last 30 years.

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A 15 second long exposure of last night's cresent moon. The bright part is where the sun is shining on it, and the rest is visible because of light reflected off of the Earth!

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DeepMind is retiring AlphGo from competitive play, but they made two big announcements:

* They're going to build a training tool
* They're releasing 50 of the millions of games it played against itself. If you've played any Go at all, or followed AlphaGo's "career" it's with watching a couple. A professional player described them like watching games from the future. They really are amazing.

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History of the entire world, I guess?

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Vanessa did an new edit of the Believer music video by Imagine Dragons. Honestly I think it's way better than the official video :)

They made all the original footage as part of a contest with Adobe, so she was able to put together an entirely new cut.

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From a discussion of mind blowing scientific facts, here's a series of progressively weirder ways to describe the same fact:

* Hydrogen makes stars, stars make everything
* Leave a bunch of hydrogen alone for a long time, and it will probably do everything.
* Hydrogen is an odorless colorless gas which, given enough time, will start to think about itself.
* Given enough time, hydrogen atoms will eventually go through puberty and want to talk to girls.
* Also, relevant xkcd with a universal ingredients label

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This is great, this guy has been making a series of videos building an 8-bit computer on a breadboard. This video shows how a program would get written, manually steps through what the control logic would do, and even includes some great old fashioned troubleshooting.

Here's the complete playlist, starting with simple transistor circuits and building up to this point. It's about 8 or 9 hours of video (or about a season's worth of a single TV show?)

The first video in that playlist shows his original 8-bit computer running, and introduces the series where he builds a new one step by step.

Someone also recommended the Crash Course on Computer Science on YouTube. A similar idea, but not focused on actually building the hardware at each step (and so wayyy faster)
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