Maja Thomas has a lot of interesting things to say about digital publishing in this interview. One of my favorite quotes from the interview:

"There is a natural limit to the growth of digital. I think it might be 50%. The book as an object is a perfect object. It has a lot of utility. People love it. There is something about a book. We’re going to see again a doubling of our growth over the next few years, to 40% or more. But once we reach a plateau, we’re going to have two businesses: a digital business and a physical business."

AKA: The publishing world is not collapsing. We're always going to have books. In the future we're just going to have different kinds of books, books which can do some different things with different audiences, and books that are read and engaged with (I won't use the word "consumed," because I hate that word) in different ways.
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