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Enjoy Happy Hour daily from 5pm-7pm & 10pm-12am at the Brass Monkey Bar and Lounge - $2.00 Drafts & $3.00 Wells
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Will you be watching the Pro Soccer Classic at ESPN Wide World of Sports? Check-out the Ramada Kissimmee Maingate West! We're less than a mile and have great February rates!
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Come and cheer on your favorite team this Sunday at our Superbowl Party!
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7491 U.S. 192 Kissimmee, FL 34747
7491 U.S. 192USFLKissimmee34747
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People talk about bunk beds, mini refrigerator, heated indoor, budget hotel and animal kingdom
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Tabitha VanSickle
reviewed a month ago
This Hotel will not get a STAR rating from me if I could I would give them the worst NEGITIVE star rating possible. Upon checking into the hotel with a party of 5 and getting into the room we discovered the bathroom first: this included towels and accessories for only 2 people, used toilet paper jammed in the corner of the floor, hair all over the counters & toilet, the hinges on the cupboard had compacted grime from how ever long painted over, there was black mold in the shower in the grout, the toilet had grime all over the base, right by the door there is an access for pluming this door is all rusty pushing outward and the inside that is accessible for everyone is rusty and very dirty. The room its self had two queen beds which once the blankets were pulled back had obvious urine stains on all of them, the one sheet had been scrubbed in one spot so much it was almost a hole, the power outlet situation well where there was one it wasn't secured to the wall entirely and I have never been in a hotel where there is only 1 usable outlet, the carpet is so dirty and hasn't been vacuumed in so long its entirely nasty, the furniture is falling apart, the internet description states that in a double bed room there is a couch and if necessary you can get a rollaway...well there is NO couch to start with and the rollaway is an additional 10 dollars each night of use!!, the pillows are so old that they are bunched up and lumpy, there is no clear location for the coffee pot that was placed in the very nasty bathroom for use by the hotel, upon entering the room was so hot that it was entirely uncomfortable and had to request someone to fix the thermostat that would not turn OFF, after driving for 27hours to get to this hotel we needed a shower after our 2 towels for 5 people was gone the kids went to request more the service they received was that they didn't have any and they would ship them up after an hour of waiting I went to the service desk and inquired as to where my towels were...the man answered me with well we ran out and we just got them we will have housekeeping bring them I stated I wanted them NOW the NIGHT MANAGER was a complete ASS with making the statement we were in the process of having them taken to your room well AFTER AN HOUR I would have figured we would have had the towels and replied to him since he wanted to chime in the conversation he mise will be informed that his hotel is a dump and I have had several issues with the condition of my room and his attitude certinally don't aid the situation any...This hotel is a DUMP, again its stated that its a HOTEL...I have stayed at better MOTELS for less with more service and hospitality. The RESTURANT has a tile that is missing above the Buffett, which with the price of your meal you can include the insulation for FREE its right above with the insulation HANGING out above your FOOD "REALLY".. oh ya and the microwave that should be in the room as well is a tiny little coffee cup size public use located by the pool so get in line !!!!. On the 3rd floor of our hotel the tiles in the ceiling so water damaged that the metal framing is rusted falling and breaking with rust edges hanging from the ceiling hope you had your yearly tetanus shot...OMG!!. the wallpaper border is falling off, there is no smoking signs missing causing holes in the wall, there is mold around the fire sprinkler's, the out door stair way has damaged steps, steps cautioned off due to broken steps, the outdoor pool has been shut down since we got here "a week in FL" the indoor pool shuts down at 11pm the only reason people ended up here was the attractions in the area they close around 10ish by the time you get to the hotel you cant even use the hot tub to relax what's the purpose, the parking lot doesn't have enough parking for the rooms, in general I haven't seen or herd a vacuum since I have been here AT ALL EVER not even the hall ways. DUMP, DIVE how ever you want to call it, this is the WORST, DIRTIEST, DUMP I HAVE EVER BEEN IN AND I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR IT "BOO!!!!!!".
• • •
Shelby Tatman
reviewed a month ago
I booked the Bahamas Cruise through Carribean -- Yea that one, with all of the awesome (not) reviews. I initially re-booked to stay at the Kissimmee location after reading all of the horrid reviews from the Ft. Lauderdale location. After finding out that I was not actually booked for the Ramada I was actually booked for the Park Inn (right behind it) I was kind of surprised. When I initially went into the Ramada to "check in" and get "vouchers" for the cruise, there was one individual at the check-in desk so yes there was a few minutes of a wait which did not bother me. There was a stronger chlorine smell - a pool and a hot tub was right around the corner. Again, not too terrible that I was like OMG!!!. I had to walk through their open floor layout of the dining area, hangout area, and the pool/hot tub area to get to the room to get those lovely vouchers. This area was stuffy and smelled of cat urine. I dealt with it because I had to. I tried to be friendly with the lady at the desk who helped me. After having me sign the paper she told me I would be charged a $40 fee that would be reimbursed after finishing this Timeshare presentation - not happy at first but I kept a receipt. I was re-imbursed and given an additional receipt after attending. Not exactly thrilled that I had to initially attend (lasted from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm By the way ----- glad the weather was crappy and didn't miss much sunshine) but my husband and I got a STEAL OF A DEAL after it was all said and done! The morning started out by a great breakfast at Celebration (OJ, Apple juice, milk, coffee; plain scrambled eggs or those with ham strips and peppers; yummy french toast (supposedly made from Cuban bread); mini muffins; small danishes; fruits). I asked that we ride over with our rep because after all I was irritated and getting my every dime and nickel out of these timeshare people. Ours was nice and un-pressuring. :) Our timeshare guy was TREMENDOUS! He knew my husband and I are both students and did NOT PRESSURE US AT ALL. We were given a great deal and told them no because we just wouldn't be able to afford it - after that we were going to give "feedback" which turned out to be another sales rep giving us a talkin on another condo elsewhere - this caught my attention because it was AFFORDABLE! Not sure how many total, but I did see three or four additional couples that went to the SAME video presentation as us with the SAME LOOKS on their faces as US that ended up signing up for this timeshare dealio. If you get them talked down on the price and TRAVEL A LOT, it's worth it. IF YOU TRAVEL ONCE A YEAR IT WON'T BE MOST LIKELY. But if my husband and I who are in COLLEGE can afford this -------------------------. In order to get a better deal there first has to be an opening of a condo! THEN THE SECOND REP WILL or SHOULD begin talking about a lower cost condo. The FIRST REP is selling you a BRAND NEW CONDO. the SECOND is selling you someone else wants to sell. If you ask (if you are interested) they should be able to find one for you. I know a scam when I see one because that's how I was raised -- the deal we got was pretty unbeatable. As for the actual cruise, I met a couple in the room that smelled like urine. I told them I was really scared to go on the boat. They said it was fine that the food on the boat was "okay" and the breakfast was good. They shared that if we wanted better food, it was a good idea to reserve at the other dining location on the boat. We board tomorrow so you betcha I'm gonna reserve all the nights possible. Their advice was if we wanted to get off the boat in less than three hours, BE READY AND OUT THERE EARLY. Also they shared that Grand Lucayan was okay but the beach was awesome! We will see how it goes. After my stay at Park Inn I am more optimistic about this honeymoon :D Also they said it was a little wild because there were spring breakers. We are on spring break but not into the drinking scene and literally plan on laying on the beach FOR TWO DAYS WOOOHOOO!!
• • •
JP Morrissette's profile photo
JP Morrissette
reviewed 2 months ago
My experience was nothing short of terrible. We started in room number 3005. The problems were: 1) Carpet was black and now so were my feet 2) A/C ran 24/7 3) Smoke detector was chirping 4) Safe was broken 5) No hot water to the sink. Faucet was broken so it had to be shut off below. 6) Tub did not drain 7) Sheets were dirty and littered with hair 8) Black hair in the towels 9) Bed skirt ripped showing a dirty black mattress 10) When we requested all sheets and bed spread to be changed the new ones had cigarette burns 11) Refrigerator freezer was frozen 12) Internet was working spotty at best 13) No on knob on the TV 14) Tub had black bottom. They do not know what bleach is...I guess 15) Maids did not vacuum the room 16) No luggage cart available to move our things in. They claimed it was being used. On the second day we demanded a new room and were moved to 2007. Carpet was filthy again and the tub did not drain and we demanded a new one and were moved to the back of the building into the supposed upgraded room. The room was more clean but these problems existed: 1) Maid put the wrong size sheets on the bed and the mattress was showing...believe it or not. We got back to the room late and had to remake our own bed with sheets delivered by the maintenance man at midnight. 2) Went to get ice and there was a sign out of order go to floor above or below. Those also were broken! 3) Internet did not work. 4) The front desk refused to answer the phone and I had to go there to speak with them to correct the problems. 5) We were stuffy and had signs of sickness and were wondering why and then I discovered mold in the bathrooms and in all the ice machines. 6) 50% of the work out centers machines were broken and the floors were not vacuumed and filthy 7) No "Do Not Disturb Signs". We asked for a door sign and requested that the maids stay out of our room because they made things worse. We got our sign but it was stolen because nobody has any. 8) The food in the restaurant was almost UN-edible and the service was poor. 9) Someone spit out chewing tobacco on the elevator floor ad it stayed there for three days. We checked out three days early and went home from the mold. This place is disgusting and everything is broken.
• • •
Jonathan Kendall's profile photo
Jonathan Kendall
reviewed 2 weeks ago
If I could give no star I would. Do not be fooled with the cheap pricing. HIDDEN FEES. Absolutely disgusting. Things are dirty and old. Pool is in middle of hotel so everything smells like chlorine. Staff is not friendly. Walls are super thin - could hear things in hallway and woke up to alarm in room next to us. Told us we were staying on third floor when it ended up being the fourth floor. They forgot to put towels in our room. It is a hotel from decades ago that decided to stay there. Cannot express enough - never go disgusting! I usually never write reviews...needed to warn anyone else about this place!
• • •
Nick Lacaprara's profile photo
Nick Lacaprara
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Worst hotel I've ever been to. House keeping wakes you up at 9am then won't come back later to clean your room. When they do they use the same dirty sheets. Room key keeps getting deactivated so you have to constantly go wait in line at the front desk. Other guest let their kids run a muck in the pool and hot tub. If you're looking for a relaxing stay, definitely skip this place. I will never be coming back here again no matter what the price is.
sasha willey's profile photo
sasha willey
reviewed 2 months ago
I have stayed at motels with more cleanliness, and better approaches at customer service. While having an indoor pool is a great amenity, over-chlorinating it, to the point where my eyes were burning from a mere splash, is NOT. Not even visine could get the pain out of my eyes from that chlorine. The elevator moves before the door even closes all the way. Also, don't expect to be able to reach the front desk from inside OR outside of the hotel. All you will get is a never-ending ring. Unfortunately, I left my credit card in one of the rooms, and I called housekeeping/lost and found in hopes of getting an answer. My hopes and dreams were crushed by yet again another never-ending ring. I had to make the 45 minute trip back to this hotel in order to get an answer about my credit card. The front desk associates were talking amongst themselves when I approached them, and I was told to hold on for a moment. I waited for them to finish their conversation and I was finally helped. OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT, check out time is 11AM, right? The housekeeping came and knocked on my door at 9AM to ask me when I was leaving. I WOULDN'T EVEN STAY HERE AGAIN FOR FREE! 1. The bathtub did not work, only the shower. Why anyone would want to bathe in the dirty tub anyways, I have no idea, but either way, you have no choice 2. Room smelled of wet dog. 3. The walls had dirt spots all over them, you could at least give the guests the impression that you actually clean.
• • •