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Watch for beauty tips by Renee #waxing #3dbrows #eyelashextensions
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Permanent Makeup in high demand in Hermosa Beach Area

Many women are finding out that permanent makeup is the perfect complement for eyelash extensions! I was trained in permanent makeup several years ago but few of my clients showed any interest in the procedure. But now how things have changed. I have been telling my Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach clients for years how permanent makeup for the brows can enhance the beauty of eyelash extensions. Finally one of my long term clients tried the permanent makeup for brows and she was amazed with the results. She was so happy and excited with the results she referred four of her clients in for permanent makeup for their brows. All were so impressed with the results they all stated they wish they would have done it sooner.
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Best Skin Care Hermosa Beach
Skin care in the Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach area is extremely important to women and men!
Good skin care procedures and product can help keep your skin firm, smooth, and healthy looking. But father time and the sun exposure we have in the South Bay area can take a toll on the skin's appearance. The effects of aging and external factors such as environmental toxins can cause many premature facial skin care problems.  Sone of these facial skin care problems are very complex are require professional car and help.
The  “cost of skin care products Hermosa Beach”  and “skin care trends Hermosa Beach” is also of interest to women in the Hermosa beach area.. But the main thing is…. does the skin care product work or specifically does the skin care product work for me!
No skin care spa or salon can fix every skin care problem women have in the Manhattan and Hermosa Beach Area. So we specialize on some of the most common skin care problems women seem to have in the Hermosa Beach area.
These are the skin care problems we specialize in: 1. Wrinkles 2. Dry skin 3. Hyperpigmentation  4. Acne   
If you are dealing with any of these skin care problems please give us a call or stop by at South Bay Wax & Lash Spa  827 Palm Dr, Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254.  Call 310 347 2012
#SkinCare #HermosaBeach
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False eyelashes Manhattan Beach
Some women looking for a eyelash extension salon in the South Bay area will search for terms like  “false lashes Manhattan Beach” or “strip lashes Manhattan beach”.  
First I must make it perfectly clear that false eyelashes or strip eyelashes are not the same as eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are an improved alternative to false lashes or strip lashes. Eyelash extensions are customized for you, individually applied, almost weightless and soft to the touch.  Unlike false lashes eyelash extensions ARE NOT GLUED TO YOUR SKIN.
Most strip lashes or false lashes look or stand out because they look different and not natural. Notice I did not say fake! The whole concept behind eyelash extensions is to provide you with beautiful, lush, full, natural looking eyelashes. Yes eyelash extensions stand out or look different because they look so naturally beautiful. 
So if you are looking for eyelash extensions in the Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach area don’t search with the words “false lashes or strip lashes” instead search the correct term “eyelash extensions”.
Ayt our South Bay Wax & lash Spa we have been professionally trained in and offer Xtreme Lashes®. Xtreme eyelash extensions are known in the industry as the premier lash extensions on the market today. If you desire naturally beautifully looking eyelashes call our South Bay Wax & Lash Spay at 310 347-2012.
#falselashes  #striplashes
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Eyelash extension for Manhattan Beach professionals

Which eyelash extensions are preferred in the Manhattan Beach area?
We specialize in eyelash extensions, skin care, waxing, and facials in the (South Bay) Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach area.  To begin with our goal was and has always been to identify and provide the highest quality products and services that we specialize in. What has been the result?

Most of our client base is from the Manhattan Beach area and are primarily made up of professional people, business people and those in the entertainment industry?  WHY?

These clients expect and demand professional quality products and services. We have always tried to meet or exceed our client’s expectations. 

Professional quality products and services we offer
Eyelash extensions: Xtreme Lashes.                                                             Skincare products: Eminence and Image skin care.                                    Hair removal (waxing):  Sugar waxing.                                                          Spray Tanning: SunFX spray tanning system

Professional education  
Xtreme Lashes are the most advanced and highest quality eyelashes on the market today. To purchase and provide Xtreme Lashes you must be a licensed Esthetician.  Also because you are a licensed esthetician you qualify to receive many hours of training on how to provide the lashes correctly and safely. 

Continued education
The professional products and services we provide are always improving and advancing. Through continued education and training we learn these latest advancements, techniques and products. Thus we continue to make available to you the newest and best products on the market today.  Also we receive training in the latest advancements in techniques and procedures and incorporate them in the services we provide like eyelash extensions, sugar waxing, facials and spray tanning.
 If you are interested in services and products for professionals give us a call at South Bay Wax & Lash Spa 310 347-2012.
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Spray tanning in Hermosa Beach

Spray Tanning Hermosa Beach now and then.
Remember those orange spray tan days? Or those streaking spray tans when it was obvious you had a spray tan. These were spray tanning problems in the past. Now days there have been much advancement in spray tanning equipment, procedures and spray tan products. Did she or didn’t she…get a spray tan? Now a person can walk out of a spray tanning salon or spa in Hermosa Beach and look like they have been sun tanning at the beach for the last week!

Airbrush tanning Hermosa Beach 
Some spray tanning salons in the Hermosa beach and Manhattan Beach area have changed the name for spray tanning like “Airbrush tanning” or “self tanning” or “sunless tanning”. You will see spray tanning salons signs that say: “airbrush tanning Hermosa Beach” or “self Tanning”. What is the difference between an airbrush tan and a spray tan? Nothing! Don’t let the names confuse you they are the same thing just different names. The main thing to look for in spray tanning in the Hermosa Beach area is do they have the latest spray tanning equipment? Have they been trained in the newest spray tanning procedures? Are they using all natural spray tanning solutions?

Spray tanning or air brush tanning advancements.
Some spray tanning salons in the Hermosa Beach area are way behind the times and are for example still using spray paint guns for spray tanning. Wow try contour or custom spray tanning with a paint spray gun. Also many spray tanning salons and spas also still have those ugly spray tanning tents. How unprofessional. You deserve better. 

The 5 minute spray tan
We offer the latest advancements in spray tanning or airbrush tanning with the SunFX spray tanning system. Call or visit our place at South Bay Wax & Lash Spa 827 Palm Drive, Hermosa Beach 90277 Phone 310 347-2012 
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Eyelash extensions in Manhattan Beach Gas Stations
Looking for eyelash extensions in Hermosa Beach or eyelash extensions Manhattan Beach? Eyelash extension businesses in the Manhattan beach area are popping up all over. Eyelash extensions are being offered in spas, salons and nail salons yes nail salons. Would not be surprised if gas stations started offering eyelash extensions next why not they would be as qualified as those doing eyelash extensions in nail spas. In the state of California if you can pump gas you are qualified to do eyelash extensions! Why? There are zero qualifications in the Hermosa or Manhattan beach area for someone to do eyelash extensions. 
Eyelash extensions Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach
One of the reasons I bring this subject up about unqualified people doing eyelash extensions is the phone calls I get about doing an eyelash extension refill. IF THEY ARE NOT MY CLIENT I ask them. !.  Where did you get your eyelashes done? 2. Was the person doing the eyelash extensions procedure licensed esthetician? If they can’t remember where they got their eyelash extensions done or they were not done by an esthetician I will refuse to do a refill WHY? Because my experience has shown they are really calling because they got a crappie eyelash extension job and they want me to “fix” it. NO thanks!
Want to get a set of quality eyelash extensions from a professionally trained eyelash extension technician?  Go to a Manhattan beach or Hermosa beach spa or salon who has a licensed esthetician that does eyelash extensions. They have received professional training in the proper and safe application of eyelash extensions.  For an appointment for quality eyelash extensions call our South Bay Wax & lash spa at 310 347-2012
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Spray tanning Hermosa Beach
Because Spray tanning in Hermosa Beach is so popular we have added it to our list of salon services.  If you type in on search on Google “spray tanning Hermosa beach” or “spray tan Hermosa Beach” or “spray tanning” salons  in the Hermosa Beach  many spray tanning salons show up. 
Spray tanning Hermosa Beach
Spray tanning has grown popular in Hermosa Beach for many reasons the main reason?  A. The FDA is adding restrictions on the use and sale of tanning beds.  Tanning people know the risks of skin cancer from tanning beds. So the sun tanning bed restrictions are needed thought late in coming.  B. Those using tanning beds will start looking for something different.  The best sunless tanning alterative? “spray tanning” or as some call it “sunless tanning”.  Whatever you call it the risks of from spray tanning is significantly less than a sun tanning bed. We expect are large increase in the demand for spray tanning in the Hermosa beach and Manhattan beach area. 
Best spray tanning salons Hermosa Beach
We feel we offer the best spray tanning system in the Hermosa Beach area. We the last few years there has been a lot of advancement made in spray tanning equipment and techniques.  Now they have spray tanning equipment for custom tanning for (darker legs, lighter face, sculpted abs, defined arm muscles) are just a few of the things we can do with advanced spray tanning equipment and procedures.  The cost of spray tanning in Hermosa Beach compared to sun tanning beds is another reason why spray tanning in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach is so popular. Also spray tan cost less is faster is easier and has almost no risk! 
 We offer Sun FX spray tanning, the safe alternative to sun tan beds, at our South Bay Wax & lash Spa in Hermosa Beach and if you have questions about spray tanning we would welcome your call.
South Bay Wax & Lash Spa                                                                                                                                                                                                      827 Palm Drive                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254                                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone 310 347 2012
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Skin care Hermosa Beach
Skin care in the Hermosa Beach area is very important. One of the most popular searches on the internet for skin care is: “skin care Hermosa Beach” another popular search about skin care in Hermosa Beach is “skin care products” 
Skin care products Hermosa Beach.                                                                                                                   Some of the main skin care treatments are facials and peels. Three of the most popular facial and peel, skin care products in Hermosa beach are from: “Image”  “Eminence” and “green peel” by Dr. Schrammek. These are the best skin care products and all provide excellent skin care results. We carry all three products at our South Bay Wax & Lash Spa and have received advanced training in the use of these skin care products.  
Why do we carry Image, Eminence and Green peel products? Each product works more effectively in certain skin care applications. Also Eminence and Green peel skin care products are all organic. But there are times when a product like “Image” has certain benefits over an organic skin care product.
When you type in “skin care Hermosa beach” on your computer we hope that our South bay Wax &  Lash Spa comes up on the first page of your search. We have all the above skin care products in stock for you to pick up at our spa or you can call and order products from us. Also we have many facial and peel specials using “Image” and or Eminence. So check out website under spa services for any special and also we email our specials to our current clients. We also combine the facial and peels with other spa services at a reduced cost. For example: 1.facial plus a massage. 2. Peel plus a brow wax.  3. Peel or facial with a sugar wax. This is just some of the examples that we combine at special prices. 
For your skin care needs in the Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach area stop by our South Bay wax and lash spa or call us for an appointment at 310 347-2012
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Search results for: Massages Hermosa Beach
Type in “massage Hermosa beach” in to Google and you well fine many spas offering all kinds of massage therapies.  Today if you have a massage business but don’t have a website promoting massage you won’t be in business long. Why? Over 75% of people looking for a massage for the first time in the Hermosa Beach area well use the internet.  You can also type in “massage Hermosa beach” into Bing and Yahoo and find similar results.  The results for the search massage Hermosa Beach in these search engines may not be as good as what you would find with a Google search. Either way there will be a lot of spas to choose from when you type in a search for “a massage in Hermosa Beach.”  That is as long as you have a website offering or promoting massage therapy.  That is why we spend so much time and money on a website. 
Having a massage therapy website is not only important in getting new massage clients. Those looking for a massage in Hermosa Beach can narrow their search down to a particular type of massage like: 1 “Swedish massage Hermosa Beach” or 2. “hot stone massage Hermosa Beach.”  3. “deep tissue massage.” So not only must you have a massage therapy website but you must be offering massages on your website that are popular in the Hermosa beach Manhattan beach area. 
Popular search words for massage therapy.
When searching for a massage people type in many search words or phrases such as “cost of massage  Hermosa beach” or “just massage Hermosa Beach” or many other combinations of massage phrases. 
Massage Hermosa Beach and Yelp.
After you type in massage Hermosa Beach in Google a lot of “Yelp” sites will show up on the first page of Google. Yelp has titles like ”best massage Hermosa Beach.” This is kind of interesting. You do not need a website to have your massage business listed on the Yelp directory for massage therapy. But if you have a massage website you have a better chance of ranking higher on the Yelp directory.  Yelp reviews on massage therapy. Also many find the Yelp reviews helpful in deterring who to get a massage from in Hermosa Beach. 
We have a website promoting our services at our South Bay Wax & Lash Spa.  Massage therapy is one of the main services we offer to our clients. We hope the information on our website about massage therapy is helpful.  
For an appointment for massage therapy at our South Bay Wax & Lash Spa call us at: 310 347-2012
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