Glacier Eruption

Having been to Glacier National Park nearly 20 times in 20 years (of which 13 of those years have been concentrating on photography) I knew in my gut that the light was setting itself up for an explosion of color. Pre-visualized, I ran up to this spot and just as I set up my gear, the light exploded! I literally took 485 images back to back over the course of 40 minutes. This is near the end of that sequence, the 402nd image.

Even now spending over 200 days a year in the field shooting and leading workshops full time, it is not usual to know what is going to happen before it happens nor getting an image you know in your heart you are going to be happy with even before looking at the LCD. This is one of those few fortunate times.

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Huge thanks to friends Peter Coskun, Ryan Engstrom, Ted Gore, Alex Noriega, Erin Babnik, Nick Diggins, Andrew Mitchel and John Harrison (title) for great feedback before posting this.

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THANK YOU for looking.

Great light to you! :)
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