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Christmas eve is just around the corner and Santa will soon be here. There’s only 20 shopping days left until Christmas and If you haven’t decided what to buy your friends or family yet, or you don’t have enough time to go down to the high-street, then don’t worry! Help is at hand...

Launching RIGHT-NOW in multiple locations around the world is ‘Chrift’. - The Christmas gift recommendation engine for last-minute Christmas shoppers who can’t think of what to buy their friends or family for Christmas! - Sweet, huh? ->

OK, so what is Chrift exactly? Chrift is a ultra-convenient Christmas gift recommendation engine capable of intelligently determining what your friends or family would like for Christmas. It works in multiple countries, in multiple languages, displaying personalized, and geographically served Christmas gift recommendations from a major online retailer delivering to your area...Pretty cool, huh?

How does Chrift work? By analyzing the Facebook social data of your friends and family, and doing some state-of-the-art David-Blaine-like magic-shit on the backend (That’s backend, not rear-end!), we’re able to intelligently display a user-friendly window of personalized Christmas gift recommendations, specifically tailored towards your friends and families unique social data...Gifts they will really love! Honestly!

Chrift has been developed from concept to completion with you in mind. - It’s the ultimate personal assistant to aid your last minute Christmas shopping decisions, meaning you can spend more time with your family, and less time on the High-street.

For the past 30 day’s, myself and +Thomas Pongrac have been working around the clock (often without sleep), building a super-sophisticated Christmas gift recommendation capable of intelligently determining what your friends and family would like for Christmas. - We’ve had a long month tackling hundreds of unforeseen problems that have caused more headaches than enough, drank more coffee than is probably good for us, endured countless nights without sleep and nearly smashed up both our computers along the way. -- It has been difficult, real difficult! Stressful and mind-numbingly exhausting to say the least, but definitely worth it... Even for the experience alone.

During this time, we’ve liaised with multiple merchants around the world, encountering many hurdles and stressful conversations with zombie-like call-center operators that didn’t understand a word of English, made more phone calls than you could possibly imagine and got through to a multitude of high-ranking executive douches that couldn’t hold an intellectual conversation if their life were dependant up on it. - Weird, huh? We’ve had to fight off rejection after rejection from potential hosting partners due to our time-scale, set and reach daily targets, stay motivated throughout operating on uncertainties and remain dedicated throughout this entire project from day 1...Things haven’t been easy, believe me!

We secured an amazing sponsor ( who provided Chrift with an ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING 144core cloud-stack with 72gb of ram pretty much the same day!!! SHAWEEEEET! Drool...Go a head, it’s OK. :) The server is fast as lightening and Chrift wouldn’t be launching today without them...Seriously you guuiiissee, thankkss a lot! - Not to mention that we also got accepted to the notorious and damn-right awesome Rackspace start-up programme (How cool is that, huh?), but due to our time-restraints and total craziness, or possible stupidity even? we had to unfortunately decline the offer because of the ridiculously insane timescale we set ourselves to complete Chrift.

Throughout this entire project I have crowd-sourced various parts of our international pages from local people living in those countries using Google+ to make sure our language variations were just PERFECT! So I would like to thank them people specifically for making this work. (Thanks guys you know who you are, it’s really appreciated! Hat-tip kind sirs and ladies!). None of this would be possible without them or the Google+ community at large. - I’m proud to be a part of such a thought-provoking and interesting crowd of people who genuinely care about other people.

Today’s international launch locations are: #France, #Italy, #Germany, #United-Kingdom, #United-States, #Japan, #China, #Canada, and #Australia. - We were meant to be launching in Spain, Russia and India today but due to unavoidable last-minute problems that wont be happening until tomorrow. However, we’re trying to do our best and will keep you updated on those specific locations as we find out more information throughout the day.- If you live outside of the territories mentioned don’t worry, Chrift will be back next year in a whole lot more!

Within 30 days from concept to completion, we crowd-sourced our way from failure to success, developed a multi-national start-up and got ourselves out of a whole lot of mess...All without spending a single dime! - All thanks to the Google+ community and our hosting sponsor FINALLY Chrift is now finished and I can finally go to bed at night and actually SLEEP without being tormented by the intolerable amount day-to-day hurdles that have occured this past month ! - We hope you enjoy Chrift as much as we do - Goodnight!!! - Go forth and find the bugs, then report them in the comments section below if you happen see any. :D - The Multi-lingual Christmas gift Recommendation Engine.

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