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How am I supposed to !!!! When these two are all the way down far off and are this cute!! I caaaan't!
+Tobias Linder and the cat. Cotton. That's her name. I love her. She's my baby.

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Inktober 25-31

25 - Nina started playing Undertale. This cutie is standing to the right of Grillby’s.

26 - Cupcake!

27 - A polka weasel monster?

28 - As I said. Undertale. This nutty girly is just <3

29 - Chibi self portrait! I’m cute k?!

30 - Anyone played System Shock? SHODAN!

31 - Spooky scary skeletons hums

That’s it for this year. Amazing I managed to get through the entire thing. Very proud of myself. Was fun too. Inks are fun. Hope you’ve all enjoyed.

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Inktober - 17-24

17 - Red! He’s cool. I like his scarf <3

18 - Alfons Mucha. Her head is a bit big tbh but otherwise I really like this.

19 - Toddler Krogan honing his stalking skills. Do Krogan stalk? XD

20 - Ralts is effing cute too.

21 - Du-du-duuu! Duo being determined and cuties together.

22 - I love Oddish. <3

23 - Robots in disguise! How would a kid transformer look anyway? 

24 - You can’t do Inks without doing a face now and again. Cheekbones are just so nice to shade like this.

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Inktober 9-16

09 - Litwick, no comments.

10 - Bulba is dressing up (coloring up?) for Halloween.

11 - Random design for a trinket/brooch.

12 - Sol was released in Smite. 

13 - To counter the banana who can’t pewpew (It’s an old meme, look it up).

14 - Velox <3

15 - Freaky hand. Grinchy? Idk…

16 - Her hair was going to be more of a monster kind of deal with teeth and eye and… I should have made it bigger.

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Inktober - 1-8

(Apparently you can’t post more than 10 pictures in a post. But I don’t want to spam you guys with 31 separate posts. So here goes.

01- I had this great idea in my head and it didn’t turn out even close to anything like I wanted it to. So meh.

02 - Been playing Mutant (The paper and pen roleplaying game) and I was playing as a mutated marten. It was all kinds of fun.

03 - You’ve seen these butterflies before. Simple but nice I think. I make postcards with these (among other things) and color them with watercolors usually.

04 - Pumpkin… Because the hype of Halloween was invading my dash and I’m easily influenced.

05 - Swirly hairs! They’re so fun ^^ Also fun to play around with borders and contrasts like that.

06 - The tree monsters attack! Walking bonsai? Weird mutated monster sapling? Idk. I like him.

07 - You have all already been warned! Litwick is damn cute.

08 - … Idk. A spirit thingy? I like her anyway ^^

So I’ve just started to play Hearthstone. I’m really bad, but it’s fun. Thought it could be fun to play against you guys. So if you want, you can poke me and we can change info. Ok? Maybe you can teach me some things, maybe we can suck together. Either way!


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Started playing Undertale ( Got it as a birthday present from a friend +Timothy Wetzel . Save me... This game. So fun, so cute, so heartbreaking. And the music <3. OMG. The characters are just... flaps around helplessly Plus! You don’t have to fight one single battle if you don’t want to. Full of fun puzzels, a good story, no fighting, great characters, wonderful music. What more do you need from a game anyway? #undertale  

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Inktober is coming along nicely. This is all I have so far. 15 days. Okay, except the 1th one isn’t here, because it’s in the same sketchbook as the 2nd and thus couldn’t be in the same photo. We’ll see if I keep it up. Going out of the country in a day or so heh. Will still scan these when I get home.


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Life is so incredibly hard sometimes. I just… Yeah… Incredibly so. On one hand I hate how dependent I am on other people to survive everyday life. But on the other hand I’m just so so grateful for them when I fall, and I fall a lot, when they pick me up and dust me off and take my hand to lead me to the next day.

#asperger #adhd #lifeishard

Till dig som bor i Karlstad (med omnejd): bli inte psyksjuk. Du kommer hinna ta livet av dig innan du får vård. OM du får vård, vilket inte är helt säkert. Ibland säger de bara att de ska hjälpa dig men struntar i det. När du väl får hjälp så… Ja… Inkompetens är inte ett starkt ord nog. Respektlöshet är inte heller det. Skitstövlar är en snäll version av vad jag skulle vilja kalla dem.

Så seriöst, för fellow psyksjuka i Karlstad som söker vård. Bry dig inte, ödsla inte tid på dem. Sök dig någon annanstans. Vartsomhelst är bättre.

Just a friendly advice.

#karlstad #karlstad psykvård #om man nu vill kalla den det #from someone who is still waiting for her meds after 3 years 
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