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Providing professional online book tour services to authors of all genres and experience.
Providing professional online book tour services to authors of all genres and experience.


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Simon by V.A. Dold
Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. Rated 18+ for language and strong
sexual content. Four years of honorably serving his country has left Simon, Cade’s younger
brother, damaged and trapped in wolf form. Little did he know the only person
with t...

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Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton Review
Welcome to Pistol Rock, Texas
where everyone knows secrets last about as long as the sporadic west Texas rain
showers. Laney Briggs has long been
considered reckless, but she’s turned herself around—she’s respectably engaged
and she’s become a Pistol Rock d...

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The Luthier's Apprentice by Mayra Calvani
Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840), one of the greatest violinists who ever lived and rumored to have made a pact with the devil, has somehow transferred unique powers to another…  When violinists around the world mysteriously vanish, 16-year-old Emma Braun takes...

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Into Forever by Danielle James
Knight never knew anything was missing from his life. Not until one fateful
night when he met her. She was fiery, beautiful, and he knew he had to make her
his. Breanna Hunt lived a normal life until rock star Angel Knight walked into her
life. He mad...

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Personal Possessions by Tracy Lee
Trevor McHale has tried to move on from the night that
everything he cared about was ripped away from him. Having been in love with
Elleny Barker since second grade, TJ comes home from college to find her
married to another man…his best friend, Bear Jackson...

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T B R Reviews "Landing" by J Bennet
Will Maya's Nightmare Come True in Landing? Fighting evil isn’t only high-stress, no pay, and
uncomfortable as hell most of the time, it also doesn’t turn out to be quite as
black and white as Maya would have hoped. As a hybrid angel struggling to control

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The Box of Death by Matt Garwitch
The Box of Death is an
artifact that allows creatures from the abyss to freely enter the natural world
– our world – and Malo has control of it. To work, it requires seven magical
fragments, but Malo possesses only six of them. It is up to Nikko, Summer,

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Innovative Online Book Tours
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