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So Iistened to this thing earlier this week and am even more exited to see the final result. Initially hearing the description of Hammerheads (when first announced) I was underwhelmed but hearing it played
1. Made me see how to run fun quick one shots with very little prep.
2. Introduced a fun way to use doom pools in a way that is applicable to other kinds of games.
3. made me hope that Cam could just put out a few short (even unedited) videos to show various aspects of the game.

I have stopped (again) trying to make anything new with the system until it is released, but I am very excited to see how the final product will turn out.
205 Cortex Prime - Game School
205 Cortex Prime - Game School

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As I tend to be more of a luker than a content producer in this venue I don't know that most people will be flocking to ensure they remain connected with me on MeWe. But if you feel that you may be missing out on an occasional post of mine .... I be there
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Looking for some ideas. I plan to have a person running a private mental institution for nefarious purposes. I am thinking either to create a nightmarish reality or just as a means of finding and stealing people living on the margins..... those having no friend or family contacts for the purpose of doing something bad.

And good thoughts on something that isn't overly cliched and could be frightening/creepy ?

Ok, I had a weird idea....simplified hit points for a task.

Lets say either a simple task (hack the system to open a door) to a more complicated task (find out where Dr. X is hiding) one assigns a hit point value (and it should be an even number). Roll as normal but the effect die is used to subtract from the task HP.

So, for instance the task of "gaining entry into a facility" players could individually state what they are doing to make this happen, "Gain fake ID's" , "Schmooze the guard on his off time", "case the joint".

Each players rolls against a default target number or an opposed dice roll. Then lets say all three were successful with a d6, d8 and a d10 effect die. That would cause 6+8+10=24 pts of "task damage".

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So, the players voted to play BULLDOGS! and I decided to run HEART OF THE FURY. From what I have read so far, I really like the situations the character will find themselves in and it looks like a fun ride (looks like we have scenarios for just about every trope). However, I don't think I am a big fan of the FURY part of the plot line. There is a bunch of info in this book and it is hard to digest too much in advance.

The questions I have are this:
1. Has anybody ran this module/adventure?
2. If so, how well would it work out to simply swap out the Fury for just a dictator/political upheaval?
3. Or maybe, just remove that all together?

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A species visual guide. Nothing special but I something plan to hand it out to my players.

I am not sure if I posted this before or not...but..... In setting difficulty I don't like the standard static number and I don't find any solid guidance in setting a dice amount. I have been toying with this idea and have not had a chance to "prove it out" and am wondering about people't thoughts:

Pick a die to represent difficulty from d6 to d12.
Double that die
Add an additional die that is one step lower.

So for a d8 difficulty the gm would roll d8/d8/d6 and then apply the normal assets/complications/etc.

Ok...I think I am missing something. Running my first Bulldogs! game and the players loved the creation session. I am confused.

A player choose a Dolome character. The characters racial abilities is at -5 and they are all non-optional.

Characters start with 2 free stunts and a refresh of 3.

If that is the case then the player's refresh is at -2??????

I know I am missing something. HELP.

I must say that FA version of Dresden Files has been a big zero for me. I think the rules are fine and cannot fault that. But coming up with plots, stating NPCs has been difficult. The lack of support material makes it even more difficult since there really isn't any other game to base adventures off of.

I also think that one of the strong points of the Fate System has been the focus on players developing backgrounds/npcs and relationship but I have never found this to be easy for the groups I have ran games for.

I also do feel like I fully grok this particular system. I have had no problems with other Fate games I have ran but I struggle with this one.

I think reskinning it with FreePort Companion would help a lot in regards to the mechanics of the game, but the plotting is still hard.

This has been one of the games I really wanted to run but it all fell apart when the rubber hit the road.

Not sure why I am posting this ........
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