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Jessica Jorn
I am living my dream of being a stay at home mom to three fabulous children.
I am living my dream of being a stay at home mom to three fabulous children.

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Two Months on Full Dose Gastrocom
I have now been on full dose gastrocom/cromolyn sodium for about two months and things are improving.  :)  It is very nice to stop the accelerated worsening I've had over the last several years. The first thing I noticed was a lessening of the severity of m...

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It's Been a Crazy Year!
I can't believe that it has been a year since I last updated my blog.  Many things have happened. We packed up and moved at the beginning of May.  I actually had more energy for about two weeks which was a huge blessing since we had to set up a new house.  ...

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When you've been living with a chronic illness for essentially your whole life you get very skilled at hiding your illness even from those whom are close to you.  Over the past several months and one of the main reasons I started this blog was because God t...

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The Worldwide Debut of Me in a Mask
I received my I Can Breathe Sport Mask yesterday.  Since I am fragrance sensitive I hand washed the mask and exhale values with soap to which I am not sensitive.  They air dried  overnight  and were ready to go this morning.  It was very simple to put the v...

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You might soon spot me wearing a mask
Since I stopped the Quercetin between the eleventh and twelfth week of pregnancy things have continued to worsen.  Right now I am about 24 weeks pregnant.  Everything with the baby is going well and we currently have no concerns regarding development.. I am...

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What was Quercetin Doing for Me?
I have joyful news.  I am currently pregnant and expecting our fourth child.  As with my first child, many of my major symptoms of MCAD were greatly diminished once my severe nausea began.  I did not improve with my second or third child so this is a very u...

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Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Gluten Free Pizza Crust After being disappointed by gluten free pizza crusts, I created my own pizza crust and am quite pleased with it.  This crust stays together, doesn't crack and has a very mild taste. Ingredients 2 t yeast (or use one packet which is j...

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What is it like to have Chronic Illness?
Having a chronic illness, visible or invisible, impacts the everyday life.  While chronic illnesses varies I do think that they have all one common denominator: lack of energy.  Every person has suffered some type of illness at some point.  We all know that...

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Low Histamine Italian Pork Tenderloin
Here is a recipe that our family has enjoyed that is easy to make, tastes wonderful and is also low histamine. Italian Pork Tenderloin By the time that I thought to share this recipe with you, this was all that was left of two lbs of pork tenderloin. Everyo...

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What I learned during our two week trip
1.  It was a very good idea to pre-medicate myself starting two weeks before we left.  I generally only use antihistamines when above my baseline symptoms.  I knew, however, that I would have minimal control and diet options while not in my own home and tha...
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