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THE GIRL WHO CAME BACK TO LIFE #Excerpt by @YouMakeArtDumb #MGLit #MustRead #Tweens
At the train’s next stop, a different child came to Sophie
and handed her another gift of food, and at the next stop a different
child still. At each stop, another mother stood behind her child and
insisted on the gift, and thanked Sophie for wearing her...

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DARK CHEMISTRY #Excerpt by Kirsten Mortensen @KirstenWriter #AmReading #Suspense #Romance
excerpt is from Chapter 3 of the book. Haley Dubose—a spoiled, shallow
rich girl from Southern California—has reacted exactly as you’d expect
to the news that, in order to inherit her late father’s estate, she has
to move across country and run his...

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Aggie's Assignation from MAKING WISHES by Marilyn Holdsworth @M_Holdsworth #AmReading #Women
AGGIE HAS AN ASSIGNATION... from the novel MAKING WISHES by Marilyn Holdsworth Her
guests continued their speculations on Elloree and Tom’s marriage, and
Aggie glanced across the room to where Brian Coleman was just sitting
down with two other men. He lo...

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LOCK READY #Excerpt by James Rada Jr. @JimRada #AmReading #HistFic #Family
This excerpt provides a view of what life around the Cumberland Basin on the C&O Canal was like. David
stepped into the large warehouse at the southern end of the canal basin
in Cumberland. The bay doors had been swung open to allow sunlight to
shine on ...

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Pendelton Wallace's Thoughts on the Rocky Road of Getting Published #AmWriting #SelfPub #PubTip
is a heart-breaking tale. I finished my masterpiece and was sure that
the world was clamoring to read it. I had a moment of humility and hired
an editor to take a quick look at it. After all, it was my first work
and it might need a tiny bit of pol...

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#Excerpt from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ICE by @TheobaldSprague #Memoir #Adventure #Family
people, my three children and myself, who were separated more than a
decade and a half ago were now being given the rare opportunity to
reconnect and perhaps start anew. June 16, 2009, dawned with a deep blue
New England sky. A fresh, morning breez...

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John E. Wade II on Inspiration & #SelfHelp During These Troubling Times - #AmReading #NonFiction
For those looking for some inspiration during these troubling times, look no further than   Glimpses of Heaven on Earth .
The four co-authors and I have scoured the globe for eloquent
quotations about issues regarding such diverse topics as peace to gende...

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"Geronimo & the Ones With Religion" - LUCIFER & THE INDIGO KIDS by @Lord_Ra_Krishna #Poetry
Geronimo... (and the ones with religion) Dear Geronimo... My Great, Great grand Father They took you from us And our people were slaughtered... They didn't break your spirit You passed it unto me And I will spark the movement As soon as I get free... They h...

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Mike Hartner on Family, Happiness & Writing @MHartnerAuthor #HistFic #AmReading #AmWriting
Tell us a bit about your family.  I have a wife of more than 24 years, and a son who just turned 13 How do you work through self-doubts and fear?  Day by day. What scares you the most?  Anything negative happening to my family What makes you happiest?    Wa...

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Inviting All Parts of Yourself to the Dinner Table with @AmyLewisAuthor #Memoir #AmWriting #Women
Integration: Inviting all parts of yourself to the dinner table I
am a chameleon; I’ve known for a long time. I sit across from someone,
even a stranger, and within 60 seconds I can unconsciously read them and
magically transform myself into what they wa...
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