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Carlo Di Nuccio (rascarlo)
Son of two, husband of one, father of one. One of this world. Don't involve rasta in your say say
Son of two, husband of one, father of one. One of this world. Don't involve rasta in your say say

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- Take an existing app.
- Slightly change the name to take advantage of Google indexing algorithm (Tiles > N Tiles).
- Use same exact color palette to confuse users even more.
- Copy a particular core logic to show/add components (not seen yet in any other quick settings tiles apps).
- Slightly change a particular and original app feature (reminder tile).
- Use almost 93% of the same drawables.

And you are done. You wiped away the whole meaning and pleasure of coding applications, that imho is to try and invent something a little new. You leave the original author in a miserable dark mood, where it is hard to see honesty and respect around. You take credit for something that doesn't belong to you. Competition and challenge, this is what I look forward to, adding values and ideas to a little something I particularly enjoy since quite a long time. Android

Edit January 30th: he changed the name to Nougat Quick Settings, and the color palette: a poor try.
See people? Something is happening! Thanks

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The Nexus 5X is in the O list and I am all like...

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That's the state of Android development and the hard life of a developer who just wants to build nice apps and gets copied, brutally copied.
I am so disappointed and I am feeling belittled.

Once again, almost same name to take advantage of the Google indexing algorithm.
And this time, almost the same icon as well.

Reminds of :

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March major update has been published and should soon be live in Google Play.


- Add Multi-Window tile.
- Add Orientation lock tile.
- Add Recents screen tile.
- Add Touch sounds tile.
- Add Vibrate for calls tile.
- Add Vibrate on tap tile.
- Add Volumes tile.
- Expose power tile on non-rooted devices.
- Add option to dismiss dialog by touching outside of it.
- Add action to force restart active tiles.
- Change drawables for Screen on, Ringer mode
- Performance and stability improvements.
- Update localisations.

Would love to hear what you think about this release.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Introducing a rotation lock tile to choose and lock the device rotation: 0, 90, 180, 270.
That's cool!

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After spending a loooot of time, I've found out how to speed up the dialog to avoid any delay and/or missed clicks.


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Waking up to the beauty of Android.
A user suggesting to get a pirated copy of Tiles.

Trash app from a trash developer. Don't bother with this garbage app. Get the apk for free and see for yourself. This app had potential but it takes literally over 5 seconds to open any tile whether it be the calculator app or a screenshot. Waste of time and money. This defeats the purpose of having the tile because it would be faster to just go to the app itself. Definitely not worth the price. Nexus 6p Android 7.1.1

Review and user have been reported.

I am speechless and I wonder when developers will be given more powerful tool to protect their work.
And I am here questioning myself:
- do I really want to keep doing this?

Sometimes I wonder if the joy to code is still stronger than my wish to quit.


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Here is a short video demoing the new layout for the description of the tile.
What do you think?

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Multi-window tile drawable animation. #Fixed

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Multi-window tile drawable animation
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