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Basic Teaching of Zen Buddhism
Introduction Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that emerged around 6 th century into China by Indian Monk Bodhidhamma and that introduced into Japan
around 12 Century. Zen Buddhism is emphasis on sitting meditation for the
realizing of truths, no-self, e...

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Prince Shotoku and His contribution towards the spread of Buddhim in Japan
Introduction It is clear that
indigenous religion called Shinto has already existed in Japan before Buddhism.
But According to a historical chronicle, Buddhism was officially introduced
into Japan by a king of Paekche in 552 A.D during the time of emperor K...

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A Study of Dhammakaya in Mahayana Buddhism
       According Mahayana Buddhist tradition, the
Buddha has three bodies or three aspects of personality, they are; Dhammakaya,
Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. If we study Early Buddhism, we cannot find the
theory of three bodies or trikaya but we can find D...

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The Historicity of the First Buddhist Council
One of the most important
events in the Buddhist history after the Buddha passed away was the first
Buddhist Council or Pathama Sangayana. We can note that today there are
different concepts and views on Buddhist Councils between Theravada and
Mahayana trad...

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The Contributions of King Asoka in the 3rd Century B.C. towards the spread of Buddhism
king Asoka was the third ruler of Maurya Empire who ruled almost entire of Indian
continent and it was one of the greatest empires in India of all time. He
supported Buddhism in order to spread every part of India and outside of India.
He was not a Budd...

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The Importace of giving Dana in Buddhist Practice
Dana or giving is one of the most important parts in Buddha’s teaching
and people are practicing this Dana commonly in all Buddhist countries whether
they are understanding of the law of karma or not. And Dana has wider
definition. There are various kinds o...

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Buddhist Concept on Anger in Buddhism
Introduction    There are
three poisons in Buddha’s teaching and Dosa or Anger is one of the dangerous
poisons out of three which leads to evil and suffering. Dosa also let everyone
to be trapped in the wheel of life again and again. As everybody understand...

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Buddhist Attitude towards Environment
Environmental crisis is a global problem that we are now
experiencing in modern age. We should consider with different aspects on
environmental crisis and we should find the way to protect the environment. Environment
is the most important issue since the B...

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