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If you missed us at #mwc15 you can still visit our stand in Barcelona here in 360°

We had an excellent first year as exhibitors and were proud to demonstrate x5 new Glassware already released this year:

Streye Live - Broadcast from Glass to YouTube
Streye Live Pro - team collaboration & LAN streaming for enterprise
Streye Box - endoscopy and boroscope imagery to smartglasses
Nativo - AR of Google Places on Glass
Checkr - Iris and voice operated Checklists from Glass

Thanks for attending the Glasselona v2 party as well. We're already scheming v3!

Team Droiders will be in touch personally if you've made specific enquiries during the show.

Get in touch if you want Work Smarter With Glass

Coming soon.... more 360° goodness of the auto sort. 
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We're here tomorrow with more Streye tricks up our sleeves, this one will be interesting, any questions for the panel? 
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¿Estáis en murcia hoy?

Pasaros a la Universidad para el congreso A partir de las 19 hasta las 22 hay entrada gratuita.

Tenemos un stand aquí y esta el equipo Droiders y +streye​ con algunos demos también.

#realidadvirtual #VR #ar 
I'm having a ball at Immersed Europe, disfrutando a tope aquí .... // vale la pena si eres local a Murcia acércate esta misma tarde a Espinardo a la Universidad donde hay un montón de demos de VR y AR de todo el mundo de primera categoría.

Se está celebrando el congreso de

A partir de las 19h hasta las 22h en la sala actos sois todos bienvenidos a #mvrcia.

Entrada gratis.

Atrévete 😵
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mi charla...
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Wearables, #mhealth and the 3rd wave with insights from +Tim Moore+Paul Sonnier+John Nosta​

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It's been an absorbing two days...

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Three years ago, the +Google Glass team took I/O to new heights. Watch the classic live skydiving experience through Google Glass. #io15  

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Stories are all around you 🌐 and it's easier than ever to create them....

#VR #cardboard 

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We're busy with the +NeuroSky, Inc.​ at the moment... all sorts of options.

Watch this space. 

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OUT NOW! Streyeah a new version of the Glassware that allows you to go #livefrommyface  with one voice command ok glass, start broadcasting hands free, to YouTube shipping with added  yeah! boost*

Improves pronunciation performance by 314%*

Streyeah is the official sound you involuntarily make when you GO LIVE

With thanks to +Sarah Hill and team at Droiders.

Music Reverend Black Grape by Black Grape

Austin Pedicab services  by a Handstand artist, Gummy bear connoisseur dude called Nathan Hubble on Twitter.

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Catch Sarah at #sxsw #SXSWi streaming to YouTube from practically anywhere be it a pedicab or a convention centre in Austin from +Google Glass​ with +streye​.
Day 1 Recap of +SXSW Interactive. My Vlog about +streye , livestreaming hands free with #Glass, Fove and more. Watch the Dog tackle at the end. 
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