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Just because we all need the occasional smirk or giggle.
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Duluth Trading has a sale on for people on their email list, so I decided to grab another pair of Fire Hose cargo/work pants, and to try a pair of their Ballroom Jeans. (30% off!) I'll miss the 501 button fly... but not the shoddy workmanship and quickly wearing out fabric that I've experienced in recent editions of 501s.

N.B.: for those for whom this is important - DT also offers a USA-made version of the Ballroom Jeans. They are indeed more expensive, but they're not only made here, but made of domestically-grown cotton. I may try a pair of these if I like the imported version. 

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So, Trump's out to make his mark in history as one of the most vicious rapists of Native Americans in recent memory. Lovely.

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OK, I know I'm far from the first person to have an annoying experience with PayPal, but they're giving me tsuris.

As you might know, I recently got a new phone - a new old stock Samsung Galaxy S5, as it's the last one in that line that has a proper battery. Anyway, I went to set up the Symantec VIP Access application, which provides 2-factor authentication codes and has worked for years on my old phone (and, I should point out, still works on that phone). The problem is that despite having tried over and over and over... the process of getting the new identification registered with my PayPal account fails, over and over. I called customer service as recommended, went through 3 different agents and none of them could say much other than "I haven't heard about this in a long time" and to push the idea of 2FA by SMS - which stinks.

Do a search on "SMS 2FA insecure" and you'll see part of my objection. The other major part is that they seem to presume people have unlimited SMS on their mobile phones - and I don't. I hate running up my SMS count for something that should be done through an authenticator app - whether VIP, Google Authenticator, Authy or whatever.

I've attached screenshots showing the process - and I'll be attaching them to the email I send to PayPal about this. If they want to switch from their existing setup to the Google Authenticator model, fine; if this is a fixable glitch and they get the VIP app working again - also fine. Otherwise, I'm going to cancel my PayPal account. I've already transferred my one recurring charge - Patreon - to a virtual credit card through, and I can use those in many places. For vendors where PayPal is the only practical option, I can go to "one time" credit card payments - which cost PayPal money because of the credit card merchant fees. (Ever noticed how much they push you to use a linked bank account instead of a card? That's why.)

I would point out that this is a very recent change; I set up a secondary PayPal account about a month ago, and it was working just fine then.

I will say that I don't expect a helpful response; that's one reason I already moved the recurring charge. I'm fully expecting I'll have to abandon PayPal - at least in terms of having an actual account - at this point. 
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If you have a bit of a sadistic streak - you might enjoy this game. ;) Basically, the goal is to do as much damage to Stickman (and his vehicle, if he's using one) as possible. So far, my personal best is 27 bone breaks. ;)

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I can't help but wonder if the response many cats have to vacuum cleaners is because of their sensitive and broad-spectrum hearing. 

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Apparently some people find these tacky, but I'm actually considering getting a few. I've always loved optical illusions and the like.

(For anyone unfamiliar - that's not actually a 3 dimensional object; it's a cleverly etched acrylic plate that when properly illuminated by the LEDs in the base gives the effect of looking at a 3D "projection".)

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Just ... yikes.
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