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Genealogy, Research, Family History, People, Families, Ancestors, History, Local History
Genealogy, Research, Family History, People, Families, Ancestors, History, Local History

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Good morning all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Lots to do this week, which is always good:)

Received some very useful certificates in the post today from a new client, will make starting on his family tree that bit easier and save me duplicating any that he's already got.

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Had a good couple of days up at Northallerton County Records Office. Managed to find plenty of family members for the family I'm researching, except the specific ancestor of my client; which seems to happen more frequently than I'd like.

Lots to write up now though, so that will keep me occupied next couple of days.

Been researching some of my own Scots ancestors today. Finally found the marriage for Alexia Smith to James Jack, after searching for months, she is listed as Lezie Smith. Was pleased to also note her sister Annie Wyllie Smith was witness at the wedding. Alexia and Annie were two of five daughters to Crichton and Jane Smith, Agnes their sister was my great grandmother.

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Today on Remembrance Day I'll be remembering my Great Uncle James Leonard Green who died aged 19 in 1917, my grandfather Marcus Alexander Green who fought in the Royal Navy in both World Wars, my Uncle Chris and my Uncle Ron who both fought in the Royal Navy in World War two and my Uncle Jim who fought in the army in World War Two.

Let us remember not just those who gave their lives, but those who returned and whose lives were altered for all time.
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Family photographs such as this album of my Green family can be added to family trees. Knowing what our ancestors looked like is a constant fascination
The Green family (28 photos)
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I've been transcribing lots of baptisms for the Penrose family in Wheldrake Yorkshire from the 1600s today and I really wish the parish priests in those days had recorded mother's names as well. It is so frustrating to have to add another woman to the tree as Unknown Unknown; and so sad as well that so many women are unrecorded in our family histories. Some I could find by the marriage record but if this had taken place in the wives home parishes these weren't recorded.

I will be able to fill in a few of the gaps from some of the wills I have been able to find, but not all of them.

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Currently researching early Yorkshire emigrants to Ireland, Grimsby fishermen, Yorkshire soldiers who died in WW1 and writing up reports for clients.

This is the gravestone of my great uncle James Leonard Green of the Sherwood Forresters who, like so many in his generation, lost his life on the battlefield in WW1.
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