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Getting Dentures for a Better Quality of Life
The World Health
Organization says that about 30 per cent of people aged 65–74
around the world have lost all their teeth. Easily affecting one’s
eating abilities, and increasing risk for contracting oral
diseases—such as gingivitis and periodontitis, compl...
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Keep Dentures Clean, Keep Infection at Bay
you know wearing your
dentures to sleep increases your risk of acquiring pneumonia?
That’s according to recent findings published in the Journal of
Dental Research. The study, which involved 453 senior denture wearers
in Japan, also found that the habit...
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Things to Know Before Getting False Teeth
People who’ve lost teeth can have them
replaced with the help of skilled dentists. However, they need to know a few
things. First, getting full dentures requires the
extraction of all remaining teeth. While some people may balk at the thought,
it is importa...
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Denture Implants for Loose Dentures
Getting dentures is a common go-to
solution for people with missing teeth. Many, however, cannot keep up with the
demands of maintaining a set. Some couldn’t even get used to having dentures in
the first place. Thankfully, these people can improve their lot...
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False Teeth but Real Bite
a lot of things in your body grow and regrow most of the time, you
can only have so much teeth in your mouth. Humans are all born with
only two sets of teeth: deciduous teeth (“milk teeth”) and
permanent teeth. Once both sets are lost, your body ca...
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Preserving Jaw Structure with Denture Implants
When it comes to missing
teeth, particularly for older individuals, the most commonly known
remedy are dentures. From an aesthetic standpoint, dentures do get
the job done in replacing a person’s missing teeth. Unfortunately,
the removable variety does have...
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New Teeth, Old Dental Care Habits
Using false teeth doesn't mean you can now conveniently
say goodbye to brushing. While dentures may be impervious to tooth
decay, your gums still need caring, and they could get infected from
dirty dentures. Your artificial teeth notwithstanding, you still ...
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Denture Implants: Avoiding the Inconveniences of Life with False Teeth
In denture implants, a set of false teeth are attached to the gums through tiny posts implanted into the jawbones. The process requires some surgery to place the implants, but the result is prosthesis that won’t detach or fall off easily. With well-placed d...
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Denture Implants: A Better Way to Hold False Teeth
with edentulism (i.e. total loss of teeth in the upper or lower jaw) are usually
encouraged to wear dentures to allow them to speak and eat normally
again. As helpful as dentures are, however, they can also cause
embarrassment and discomfort, as they...
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Denture Procedures and Types
or, as many people call it, false teeth are cosmetic tools used to
partially or fully replace the teeth of a patient. Despite the
emergence of other dental methods for the past several years, many
cosmetic dentists still encourage this form of corr...
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