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Introducing Kpop To People
so yeah have you guys every introduced kpop to Normal people?   Isnt their reaction the best!!! but its some time insulting TT-TT  but this is my usual reaction: Scenario 1: me looking at pics of my bias   Me-> aahhhh so cute >.< Fangirl Random Person->oh...

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Perfect Pause Moments Part 1
so yeah sometimes when im watching mv's i have to pause it and at times i pause it and its derpy but sometimes they are perfect so yeah i started to take screenshot and yeah here are some of my perfect screenshots  JungKook BTS - No More Dream  U-Know Block...

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I hate being judged for liking asian music
I don't only like Korean pop I also like Japaneses pop ,Chinese pop, Thai pop, Japanese rock and Korean rock and I'm really not embarrassed or ashamed about it but lately I don't know. So like I said I'm a very awkward person so its hard for me to make frie...

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i have 3 cats that love kpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe yeah so i have 3 cats and i bought them little collars with bandannas (they are dog collars but my cats rock them!) so yeah i got them bandannas cuz of exo hehe in wolf they use a lot of bandannas so yeah  =here they are (btw one cat lost hers so yeah ...

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Omg oppas congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love Beast they are so amazing!!! And how they just get better and better every comeback its just amazing. Every time im sad i can always count on beast to cheer me up with their goofiness hehe so yeah op...
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