ACD Diver-CH2.1.1

Andlaw Creative Designs #4 -
This has been one of my go-to watch faces for nearly a month. Based on the designs of Fortis Diver/Chronograph, fully coded and has UCOLOR (always on included). There are no locked tap actions.. ... all options are in one screen; tap on 6 to open settings menu~ Switch faces in the menu from Diver to Chronograph for stopwatch functions (2-start/stop, 4 reset). Battery level is on DIM when bezel is zoomed out. UC will not become activated on either DIM or Always until UC Control is enabled.

2-in-1 Chronograph/Diver ;
Battery level in bezel on DIM ;

6 = Menu/settings --
- Brightness
- UCOLOR control
- Zoom
- Watchface
2 = start/stop chronograph.
4 = reset chronograph.
Animated Photo
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