Andlaw Creative Design #8 -
Glad to finally say its done! and I am sure the other Mods are too o_O
I have been working on this one throughout the week. For me, it was a great learning experience and a coding nightmare lol... Tap actions are locked (double tap 6 to unlock, single tap to lock), the Digital screen menu remains unlocked for easier function. Tap on the ACD logo to toggle through the menu (local, 24HR, UTC, Battery Info, and Update weather). Default DIM mode is set to OFF, the bezel will change colors depending on the time of day. When DIM is turned on, it is set to Auto function.. meaning during the day hours the background will be lighter and markers lume will be set to DIM only., at sunset the background will darken and the markers will illuminate and remain on until sunrise. During the day with DIM set to on, and you press DIM, the markers will flash and fade showing what color the DIM mode is currently set to. Brightness toggle near 10 with 10 settings (0-90% dimming). Stopwatch is coded to its own, so regardless of what the Digital screen is showing, the chronograph will be displayed first until reset. Tap Center to show/hide hands if they get in the way or you just want all Digital. All tap actions correlate with the functions, if the function is not present, the tap action will not be available and the text will be grayed out (red when active). Month indicator in bezel marker. I think that about covers it, but I'm sure most don't read this anyway so EnjoY!

Month indicator in bezel ;
Double tap to unlock, single tap to lock ;

ACD logo == digital display menu ;
-- local time, 24HR, UTC, battery info, update weather.

CENTER == show/hide hands.
2 == start/stop chronograph.
4 == reset chronograph.
12 == zoom bezel in/out.
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