ACD #1 CH-KM1.2

This was the first design I did using the logo 'ACD', and still easily one of my favorites! It is loaded with the basics.. brightness toggle, DIM mode (OFF, ON, Auto, Always Auto, Always ON), Zoom, bezel toggle (standard 12 hour or tachymeter), UCOLOR control, and Chronograph. Hands will park at 120° until chronograph is reset, a digital clock is in place for functionality while active. Battery levels on DIM, both watch and phone.

Andlaw Creative Design #1

Battery level on DIM ;
Double tap 6 to unlock, single tap to lock ;

LOGO == Settings menu ;
- Brightness toggle
- DIM mode - Auto by default
- Zoom IN/OUT
- Bezel toggle
- UCOLOR control.
2 == start/stop chronograph.
3 == reset chronograph.
Animated Photo
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