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James Pearson
Information Manager, website designer, new tech and Google enthusiast.
Information Manager, website designer, new tech and Google enthusiast.

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Here's a demo of a toggle sidebar used to collect and display comments against matching lines in a changing dataset.  Related blogpost here:  - hope it is of interest!

Have a bit of a strange issue when using custom css.   Removing the below standard css displays the page numbers as expected. However, while clicking on the page numbers above the table work fine, the ones underneath the table don't.  Is there a script conflict perhaps that is causing this?

.google-visualization-table-page-numbers {
    display: none !important;

Many thanks

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Just sharing this here in case it is of interest - a workaround using GAS and Awesome Tables for the current inability to attach items to Google forms

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Hi all  - I have a demo here of an Awesome Table which uses jquery and a plugin to generate sparklines within the table - but am only able to get the sparklines to load by calling the appropriate function using a JavaScript delay function... which is a bit crude.  Was hoping if anyone (perhaps +Jean-Rémi Delteil :-)) knows whether there is a way of making this call as soon as the Awesome Table has finished loaded instead?  (I have tried to wrap in document ready() but that did not work)  Demo here:   and sheet here    
Many thanks !

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Here's a quick blogpost combining an Awesome Table and a script to create folders for form 'attachments'

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Thought I would share something I created a while back, which uses Awesome Tables, combined with a custom UI uploader to add metadata to Google Drive files, and then be able to either search/filter by that metadata, or to hardcode the table to show only certain docs based on metadata.  Hope it is of interest

Hi all - when trying to create a script project, I am getting the message "Limit Exceeded: Create", and a number of newly created sheets with scripts won't run due to a server error.  Assume that the two are related. Has anyone had any experience of this, or know what the actual quota is for creating script projects please?

We are seeing some different behaviour for our Awesome Tables in the last day or so and am hoping to see if this is deliberate or a bug please. Before the Awesome tables used to automatically resize to fit the content once they had loaded.  Now they seem just to stay at the fixed display height specified in the gadget.  It used to be quite helpful that they resized, as we could have a number of Awesome Tables on a site page, without taking up a lot of unnecessary space... could anyone advise please?

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