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My blog on how the Hffingtion Post Highline article Together Alone: The epidemic Of Gay Loneliness , touched me and how it caused an insight into something about myself that I had never thought about before. 

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My Review of When We Rise, for those that have not seen it yet. I know I am late to the game but I just finished it today

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This is why we can't give Trump another chance, we must stand up now and start the fight.

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New Blog post.

Bernie Sanders is the best choice of the two democratic candidates for president. Between him and Hillary he is the most ambitious with his goals, but in that ambition he is also the most concerned with what is best for the citizens that make up the shrinking middle class and those in the expanding category of the low income. His plan goes the whole mile, while Hillary’s plans seem to stop half way or just short of the goal post. With that goal post being turning the country off of the path towards becoming a full oligarchy that it is currently one. Bernie’s plan represents a step in the surgical approach to not only addressing the issues faced but turning them around, by contrast Hillary’s plan smacks more of throwing some antibiotics and a bandage at the problem then actually solving them, which is more In line with the political mainstream that she comes from. I think that what is needed though is true ambition and bold leadership and that is just what Bernie’s plan is and provides, and it all benefits the average American....

Stop by the link for the rest.

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Really cool!
The high shine on Ryan Palmer’s MINI John Cooper Works heralds a new month full of promise. The August #MINICalendar, courtesy of +MINI Nederland.

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I will so get Amazon Prime for this.

got to love how so many straight guys think because they knocked someone up that makes them more of a man then every one else around them. just makes me roll my eyes.

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A book review of a great book.

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Very sad news but not surprising at all, and the reason that I do not donate to them.  They get vast sums of money but don't accomplish much at all with it.
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