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BodynBrain Yoga Tai Chi & Meditation
Yoga Studio
Today 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
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2732 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60614
2732 North Clark StreetUSIllinoisChicago60614
Yoga StudioToday 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Monday 6:30 am – 8:00 pmTuesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pmWednesday 6:30 am – 8:00 pmThursday 9:00 am – 8:00 pmFriday 6:30 am – 8:00 pmSaturday 9:00 am – 3:30 pmSunday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Stretching, breathing, meditation, tai chi/ ki-gong, Brain Wave Vibration, Relaxation. Also Children's Yoga class (Power Brain Education).
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"I started BodynBrain Yoga in August."
"I improve my health condition a lot since I practiced DahnYoga."
"All the instructors are extremely knowledgable and really care about me."
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Valerie Aiko IGARASHI's profile photo
Valerie Aiko IGARASHI
2 years ago
My name is Aiko Igarashi. I started BodynBrain Yoga in August. 2012 after hearing a lecture at the Body/Mind/Spirit expo in Skokie. The approach to brain healing--brain vibration--was unique, and I knew I wanted to experience it. I immediately signed up for two years which included six healing sessions. I took Shim Sung the weekend after I signed up, followed shortly thereafter with Healing Chakras, Do Tong, Chun Hwa Shim Sung, DahnMuDo (Korean tai chi), and the Healing Course. I've continued private healing sessions with Master Joyce,and recently starting healing sessions with Master Hong. My experiences with Shim Sung: I discovered that will is more important than means. I learned that competitiveness can overwhelm professed cooperation. I learned that preconceptions limit what you see--another person's perception can be as valid as your own. I explored my habitual mental and emotional patterns and chose more productive ones. I developed the physical, emotional, and mental sensitivity to experience my deepest essence. I found my true self; as opposed to the false sense .I created to please others. I'd like to share my experience with the sleeping tiger exercise. I had done the posture earlier that week with Master Joyce for just 12 minutes. Master Joyce gave me life particle cards for each hand. 12 minutes felt like eternity. My legs and arms ached after a few minutes. Master Joyce encouraged me to express how I felt. It seems like I spent most of the time saying I wanted to stop. Master Joyce gave me a count down. 3 minutes left, 2 minutes left, until I had completed the 12 minutes. Master Joyce asked me why I didn't give up. I replied, "I wanted to build my will and heal myself." But the truth is, I simply never occurred to me to give up. When I heard we were doing it for 20 minutes, I thought, "oh NO!" How am I going to survive? When I was started the posture, I was again given a card for each hand. I noticed the people around me did not get cards. I figured that I needed it. Then I had a brilliant idea. I would send life particles to myself! I spent half the time asking the life particles to dissolve blockages and give me the strength and energy to endure the exercise. The other half I spent sending life particles to everyone else. I learned that life particles will help you overcome a difficult situation, and I believe sending life particles to others will help them too. Chun Hwa Shim Sung deepened my awareness of my true self. With Do Tong I became on of a community of people who awaken themselves through living consciously, creating happiness for myself, others and the whole planet. In both Healing Chakras and the Healing Course, I learned about chakras. which are the centers of your energy body. When they are out of balance, you will experience corresponding physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms. When they are full, healthy, and in balance, they open a gateway to powerful health and enormous peace. The difference between the two courses is that in the Healing Course you learn how to apply the principles to heal yourself and others. DahnMuDo is not for selfdefense, and should be done with joy. I learned a mind-body training method that combined martial arts movements with cosmic energy princples, I used my body to try to transend the limits of my mind, gather and direct my life energy, chi, for better health and focus. I gain strength, concentration and flexibility, learning to use chi rather than the external power of my muscles. I find that throughout the classes and workshops I have a lot fewer negative thoughts, more energy, better concentration, more in the present, feel my body more, feel energy in hands and throughout body, gradually gaining more strength, flexibility and balance, and gradually correcting my scoliosis (curvature of the spine). And with each succeeding workshop I continue to uncover and refine more aspects of my true self.
• • •
A Google User
3 years ago
The center is amazingly beautiful, open and serene. The instructors are very passionate, encouraging, kind, and dedicated to your wellness. One class was all it took. I feel at peace, calm and balanced, especially after class. You don't just learn yoga, tai chi and meditation, in the process you learn to find your true self.
A Google User
5 years ago
This Dahn Yoga center is so beautiful and filled with such great people! It is always such a joy just to be there. In addition to relieving my back and shoulder tensions, as well as my headaches, I have found a more peaceful part of myself that has improved my life overall. Thank you so much Dahn Yoga! And all the wonderful instructors there too!
A Google User
5 years ago
When I first walked into this place, I thought it was some kind of spa, not your typical yoga studio. But then I started taking the classes and doing the exercises they gave me, and I was right. It's not your typical yoga studio. These people are really friendly and really care about my health and how I feel. They try really hard to make sure that I'm comfortable and taken care of. And their exercises are more than just stretching and difficult poses. It's a lot easier to do and easier to understand. If you haven't already, try one of their classes.
• • •
Hwakyoung Noh
a year ago
Frist time I felt this yoga very strange but after the class I felt better all the time. Now I really love it. My sleep better and I can mange my thought and emotion better.
A Google User
4 years ago
Hello! I started bodynbrain yoga almost 4 years ago. It has helped me a lot in being more confident, relaxed, strong, and flexible. I joined right after college while experiencing a lot of emotional and physical stress from traumatic events in my life. It was the only place I found that could help me feel better both physically and mentally. In just my first session I knew it was exactly what I was looking for and I could already feel the difference. It is good for both mind and body. I feel stronger in my body and also able to manage my emotions and stress much better. It is easy to choose health and happiness here. Thank you!
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
This experience has truly changed my life. I have been practicing for almost two years and my health has dramatically improved. I first began attending the classes to manage the high level of stress I felt as a teacher. I began to increase my flexibility and circulation as well as lower the tension in my body. Since joining the sense of peace and happiness in my life has dramatically improved. My attitude and vision of my life has also brightened. The yoga instructors are very supportive and caring and encourage all the members to continue their growth and evolve. I highly recommend Dahn yoga to those who do not just want a workout but rather a positive change in their life.
• • •
A Google User
3 years ago
I am an MD and I joined this place in Dec 2009. I initially liked it as anyone here. I spent almost 20k on "special courses" and memberships and was being groomed to become "master". All "special courses" were essentially brain washing and/or hypnotizing sessions with a mild dose of yoga/ tai chi mixed in. Most people may enjoy there "regular Classes" which could still be very weird- like anal exercises, chest thumping and yelling and wild dancing. This is where they see who is receptive to BS like this and then they "target" them for "Courses". During my association with dahn, I always wondered why so many young, nice, normal, educated people "chose" to work as "masters" working like dogs for Dahn. In my investigations they all had a similar story. the common denominator was that they all had joined and then left. 6 months or so later they rejoined. What happened in those 6 months no one told me clearly. They just said "they did not feel well". I did not think, at that time, that they could be forced to work, as they were relatively "free" to get around and interact with rest of the world. I couldn't be more wrong..... I completely stopped going to any center in april 2010. Following that, a series of events happened starting from august 2010, which make be believe without a doubt that they use very very advanced technology to track, stalk and monitor targeted members. I initially thought I had multiple sclerosis almost contemplating to go on disability. But then, by accident, I found the Real problem . The real problem was, deliberate, chronic, low level contamination of my food/water/air I breath, by dahn's highly trained personnel/agents. It is understandably hard to believe these claims I made, even to my self. This is exactly what dahn is counting on. A runaway member/master will often get caught in a catch 22 situation when they try to get help, because of the unbelievable nature of these allegations. To maintain such advantage over the "runaways", dahn takes "pain staking" efforts not to harm the targets acutely and to covertly harass them over a long period of time. It would be more convincing if I could tell the details about how they do it, but that would take me a book. The proof lies in the fact that I, just by NOT being as predictable about what/where I eat, drink and sleep, I became as fit as anyone else. And when I get lax in my efforts, I get sick again. Another way they try to harass the runaway masters is to get them in trouble with some other powerful groups. For example, by framing you as a racist they can get you in plenty of trouble openly. There are also other "spiritual" ways they employ to harass the runaway masters. Again, the details are too complicated to put it in a few words. BTW, what they can do to you, they could also do to your family and loved once. These are some of the reasons why masters go back after they leave/run away. They just get tired of the harassment. The longer they run the more they suffer. I know a guy who ran for 2 years before succumbing. He "donated" 100K+ after he rejoined!!! This is how cults of this day and age are able to maintain control over their members. They no longer have to keep them in a compound and guard them. Of-course, Dahn needs a lot of money for such activities, this is why they charge so much for there "courses". So Please, Please stop paying them!
• • •


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