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Live life full size!
Live life full size!


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In the early 1970s, a woman set out to pursue a career in a public sector bank, an all-male bastion then. 
She started with tremendous enthusiasm to carve out a niche for herself, but faced a deluge of challenges at every stage. From the absence of basic infrastructure to facing insensitive colleagues & customers, from ensuring her personal security to her efforts to break the glass ceiling, her gender often became an issue in her professional life. She struggled continuously for work life balance. The result was RESTLESS DAYS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS for her. 
A recommended read for all working women and perceptive men who care to understand the problems of their female colleagues in the work-place.
Now available on,,,, &
E-book available on Amazon Kindle, Scribd, Kobo, Googleplay and Rockstand.
You can read more about the book by visiting the book page at

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66. If Only Someone had Stopped (Published in Woman's Era December (Second) 2014 Issue)
If Only Someone had Stopped... By Ranjana Bharij  Published in Woman's Era December (Second) 2014 I was driving down the Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway on a summer evening. It was getting late and I wanted to reach Vadodara before it became dark. There was the ...

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were driving from Detroit to Chicago and it was raining heavily. The traffic on
the highway had slowed down and our car was moving at a snail’s pace. My nephew
Gaurav took one of the exits. “Where are we going Gaurav? Won’t we be late in reaching Chicago...

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are you doing today?” asked Gaurav, my nephew as I sipped my morning tea.  “Nothing. We plan to enjoy the solitude, the beautiful environs  here and sit with our feet dipped in your
swimming pool,” I replied admiring the lush green surroundings around...

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my nephew Gaurav drove us down from US-Canada border to his house in Detroit,
he suggested that we take a detour to Belle Isle. I did not respond. I was
tired after seven hours of road journey and one hour of standing in the queue
for completing the cust...

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मेघदूत (स्व. श्रीमती सरला शर्मा की पुस्तक कालिदास कथासार से साभार )
मेघदूत   (स्व. श्रीमती सरला शर्मा की पुस्तक कालिदास कथासार से साभार ) पूर्व मेघ   यक्षराज
कुबेर ने अपनी   राजधानी   अलकापुरी
में एक यक्ष को प्रतिदिन मानसरोवर से स्वर्णकमल लाने हेतु नियुक्त किया था।   परन्तु
यक्ष अपनी पत्नी के प्रेम में इतना   उन्मादित   था ...

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64. कहाँ गये वो लोग?
दीप्ति शर्मा एक बड़े राष्ट्रीयकृत बैंक में अफसर हैं और बड़ी कम्पनियों को ऋण देने का काम  संभालती हैं।  पांच करोड़ रुपये का  एक ऋण प्रस्ताव कुछ  पेचीदा था जो उसने अपनी भरपूर क्षमता अनुसार बैलेंस-शीट का विधिवत विस्तारपूर्वक विश्लेषण करके बनाया और अपने उच्चाधि...

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63. मैं और मेरी कार (सरिता जून (द्वितीय) 2014 में प्रकाशित )
मैं और मेरी कार रंजना भारिज  (सरिता जून (द्वितीय) 2014  में प्रकाशित )  'मैं और मेरी कार ' कुछ ऐसे हैं जैसे 'मैं और मेरी तन्हाई' .  हमारे बीच का रिश्ता ऐसा है मानो दो दिल एक जान, जो बिना कुछ कहे एक दूसरे के मन की बात समझ जाते हैं.  दिल और दिमाग वाली मेरी का...

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77. Grilled Sandwiches (Spinach & Paneer) - Oilfree
INGREDIENTS     1. Multi-grain bread      2. Spinach -- 1 bunch              chopped      3. Chopped onion -- 2              tbsp      4. Chopped garlic -- 1 tsp      5. Cottage Chesse                    (Paneer) -- 100gms      6. Green chillies            ...

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76. Mango Mint Chutney
Mango, Chillies, Mint & Salt INGREDIENTS 1. Green Mango (Kaccha aam) .....01 2. Green Chillies (Hari Mirch) ........05 3. Mint ( Podina ) leaves.....03 bunches 4. Salt................1/2 tsp (as per taste) PROCESS 1. Wash, peel and cut the raw green mango i...
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