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UTOPIAS - 5 : A Different kind of Water
To forestall its use for a Nazi atomic bomb a 187 litre quantity
of heavy water was moved from France to Britain in June 1940. Heavy water, or deuterium
oxide, is isotopically different from ordinary water, making it useful in the
production of   Nagasaki b...

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Utopias 4 - The Sublime, the Beautiful, the Picturesque and the Uncanny.
Utopias 4 Although astronomy consigned 'the music of the spheres' to
history, the link between music and science is not entirely lost. Beatrice
Tinsley (who worked on the 'life-time' changes of galaxies) was a talented
musician and Bernard Lovell (the first...

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2018 Diary
                                             2018 Diary Preview on BLURB

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Since its emergence from the domination of history painting in the 16th century, landscape art rose to high fashion in the 19th century and back to such relative obscurity that now the indexes of many art history books do not list it. FAUXSCAPE – Virtualy L...

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Utopias - 2
Even the most cogent definition of nature fails to dispel a sense
of ambiguity about our position in relation to naturalness. Alexander von
Humboldt established a geographical and scientific view of nature that could be
more or less contained within literat...

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Art of the Anthropocene.

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Utopias - 1
If Land Art marks an end to the history of landscape art, it
seems fitting that many of the constructions that characterise that 'ultimate'
form are in desert locations (the antithesis of pastoralism) such as Arizona in the  United States . As well as being...

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Art at the end of Nature.

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Masers on Ice - an update.

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MAPSEC - a roadmap
In my July post 'Masers on
Ice' I outlined a proposal to use overlapping maser beams to create a zone of melted
ice into which a capsule could descend towards a subglacial lake and then return to the surface of the ice field via a similarly melted zone
at t...
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