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That lass is a darling! I want to run barefoot through his soft facial hair.
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Rex Q

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V.I.N.C.E.N.T. - The Black Hole (1979)
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Rex Q

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Rex Q

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Rex Q

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Happens to me more often than I like to admit. 
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Rex Q

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If you’re so upset that you’re living in a country where people who disagree with you are willing to act like you, maybe you shouldn’t be a professional stone thrower or live in a political ideology that is as shallow, fragile and transparent as glass.
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Rex Q

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The work of unmistakeable Australian filmmaker Lawrence Johnston is being celebrated on Wed 19 March at Melbourne Cinémathèque, showing ETERNITY, the poetic documentary touching on the life of Arthur Stace, the extraordinarily dedicated and now legendary figure who wrote the single word “Eternity” across the streets of Sydney for over 35 years, LIFE, plus shorter works THE DREAM OF LOVE and ONCE A QUEEN. Starts at 7pm, more info
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