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Posterous goes private

This morning Posterous announced private sharing, called "Spaces." Here the founder, Sachin Agarwal, shows me the new Spaces and talks to me about social networking and blogging and how the world of content is changing. He's seeing private sharing growing 3x faster than public sharing. Try it out at

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Is private sharing taking off?

+Sachin Agarwal CEO of Posterous was just here and he told me that on his service private sharing is growing 3x faster than public sharing.

I bet that the same thing is happening here on Google+ but we just can't see it.

Some drivers he's seeing:

1. People are tired of people they don't know getting involved in their private lives. Post a family video up on YouTube, for instance, and people make fun of your kids, etc.

2. People like being involved in small interest groups. My dad belongs to a local Kiwanis club for that reason. They do events together, get together for breakfast once a month, and it's manageable. Bigger groups don't bring value to these situations.

3. It's a reaction to oversharing. We love sharing our lives (I'm drinking coffee right now, watching CNBC, and my producer +Rocky Barbanica is setting up for the next interview) but really why are we wasting each other's time with all that minutia? Why not direct it to people who really care?

Anyway, add all these together and the folks who say that Google+ isn't being used might actually be missing the bigger story: maybe we ARE using Google+ but haven't added you to our private circles yet.

What do you think? Are you being more private lately?

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