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+Google Duo is nice for what it is, I just don't get it.

Why did they do all this work to make Google Hangouts incorporate SMS and Google Voice, then they create Google Messenger for SMS, which doesn't work with Hangouts, then they create a video chat that is separate from Hangouts that already has video chat...

So now we have Google Voice, which has stopped being developed (it appears?), Google Hangouts, which recommends you use Google Messenger for SMS, but still works (for the time being?) with Google Voice texts and its own data-based chat messages & video chatting, and now there is Google Duo for video chatting.

Why can't Google come up with a unified approach that brings in Hangouts with Google Voice & Phone SMS and video chatting? Why create all these separate apps that don't work with one another?

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Here is where you file a complaint against an illegal no gun sign in Texas:
Recent News · Releases · Speeches · Editorials · Letters · News Archive · Agency Publications · Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act Guidelines · Comptroller of Public Accounts Case List and Summary of Issues · PDF Documents. AROUND THE AGENCY ...
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This petition ( to tell President Obama to support encryption is only 16,000 away from requiring a response from the White House. Learn more in this video.
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Quit spreading these obnoxious old myths about battery conservation.
Over just a few years, the batteries in our smartphones have changed a lot. That means those old tips to stretch out your battery life just aren’t as true as they once were, yet we still pass them around like they’re gospel. Before you go around telling everyone to disable Bluetooth for hours of extra life, let’s shed some light on those old battery myths.
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Backdoors and "golden keys"—locks in the physical world or security of our electronic communications—rely on the flawed idea that only the "right" people would have access to the keys. But this article about luggage locks is a great metaphor for why installing backdoors in encryption, as espoused by various government agencies, is so dangerous. When the government's keys are compromised due to poor security practices or simple luck on the part of hackers, our stuff is exposed. Backdoors and golden keys are built-in vulnerabilities that weaken protection for everyone.
TSA is untroubled by the hacking of its luggage locks, saying they are “peace of mind” devices for travelers, “not part of TSA’s aviation security regime.”
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Here's why we're excited about Google OnHub.
The Google OnHub is stupid easy to set up and gives you more reliable Wi-Fi through smart software.
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The Federal Railroad Administration approved the rail corridor preferred by the developers of a Dallas-Houston bullet train. Now a final route must be plotted within the chosen corridor.
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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.5 Masterlists Updated to Enable Easy Flashing and Rooting on Marshmallow! - I am still hard at work finalizing all the changes and fixes for NRT v2.0.6, however - in the meantime flashing and rooting the newly released android 6.0 builds is now supported with the current toolkit.


1. Use "Update" on the main interface [Hotkey Ctrl+u] to make sure you're up-to-date with the latest masterlists (as of this post v3068).

2. Flash Marshmallow with the toolkit (if you haven't already):
  - Requires unlocked bootloader so use 'Unlock' button if needed.
  - Flash Stock + Unroot >
  - Enable 'Force Flash'
  - Enable 'Post-flash Factory Reset'
  - Select the Marshmallow build > Ok

3. On main interface: Options [Hotkey Ctrl+k] > Root Options > Superuser Options > 
  - Enable 'Utilize SuperSU by Chainfire'
  - Enable 'Utilize Latest Beta Version Available'
  - Press 'Ok' to apply your settings.

4. Use the 'Root' button.

5. Enjoy!  ^_^

To clarify, this procedure uses Chainfires recently published custom kernel method.  It flashes his minimally modified boot.imgs to enable BETA SuperSU to function with Selinux still set to enforcing.  This method is a temporary solution while Chainfire works on streamlining root into a standalone zip.  At that time you can use NRT to reflash the stock kernel and root again.

Stay tuned for more info and the next release!  Cheers!

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Ted Poe, US House Representative from Texas and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, argues for #ECPA  reform in a Fox News opinion piece. "Under current law every email and text, every Google doc and Facebook message, every picture of our vacation and video of the office softball game is subject to government inspection without a warrant or probable cause if we’ve kept it longer than six months."
Every picture of our vacation and video of the office softball game is subject to government inspection without a warrant or probable cause if we’ve kept it longer than six months.
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This handy graphic shows you how long it takes English speakers to learn nine of the world's other most common languages. Useful if you're debating what language you'd like to pick up, and how much time you have before that vacation you're planning. 

Check it out here, or head over here to read more:
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We need the women-folk to teach us their language! 
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I love +WhatsApp, but the fact I can't install and login to the same account on my phone and tablet is annoying. Seriously, when I come home, I like to put my phone on the charger and use my tablet. When I leave home, I like to put my tablet on the charger and use my phone. I can't make WhatsApp my main messenger, because they refuse to allow users to put it on multiple devices. Even if it's a premium paid service, it's something that is seriously needed.
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+WhatsApp​ why don't you offer a premium service where people can pay to run 1 whatsapp account on multiple devices? I want to be able to use my tablet when I come home, and my phone when I'm on the go. 
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Really good food and service was great.
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Nice vibe, good drinks. Would love to take my wife one night.
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This park was pretty amazing, considering you don't have to switch countries to get into it. The Canadian side gets a much better view, but this park is nice to just sit under the trees with friends/family and enjoy the shade of beautiful trees, hear the sounds of roaring waters in the background, and take in the beauty of what you can see of the Falls. The observation deck is a nice addition, I just wish it went out a little further.
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Love this place. The atmosphere, the people, the coffee... All top notch.
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Everything was great. The rooms were clean, the service was great.
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