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Dentureliner smile with confidence
smile with confidence, Reline Your Denture & Feel The Comfort
smile with confidence, Reline Your Denture & Feel The Comfort

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Denture Liner kit advantages

Solution to painful uncomfortable loose dentures
Replaces adhesive cream sticky, glue like , pasty, hard to clean fixative cream
Solution to painful uncomfortable dentures
Creates a soft smooth cushion like layer between the denture and your gums ( the palate).
Make old dentures fit like new again. A temporary aid to loose dentures
Stabilizes the denture and creates a snug fit
Reduces irritation due to denture pressure points
1 application lasts up to 4 weeks without reapplying ( versus daily application needed for denture adhesive cream)
Recreates an exact match of your gums by molding itself to the gums , this has the effects of removing all the air pockets which are cause poor suction effect between the denture and gums
Do a professional like relining yourself and save more than 100 dollars per application ( compared to a a dentist application)
Professionals use the same products
Create a vacuum grip for better fit and hold
Snug & secure
Easy application
Easy to remove after 1 month with our specially formulated "separator gel" which other denture liners don't have ( makes it hard to remove without the "separator gel".
Safe and effective
Zinc free
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