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Jinx Insanity

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Hey guys, I'm open for painted commissions
I will be taking 5
The canveses are 5"/7"
It's 25$ plus 5$ for shipping!
Complex backgrounds are 10$ extra
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This is an acrylic painting I did today, I'm open for commissions as well, the canveses are 5"-7"
25$+5$ shipping

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Heyo some may know me, my name is jinx but others know me as nolma or trik

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Name: Jinx


Class: slave

Species: werewolf, prefers wolf form but has a human in form

Gender: female

Likes: loves the night, stars, moon, cool air while wearing a fluffy jacket, and sweets

Dislikes: sun, day time, heat, angery masters, and sour things

Personality: she is spicy and sasy, very disobent unless the master gets her respect, and she can be very sweet when needed

Bio: She was born a slave, but never let that get her down. During her childhood she watched her family be ripped apart. She was sold from place to place, being sent to master to master. Always being defient and bitchy. Currently she is still looking for a master that will put up with her.

Looking for: powerful, dominant master
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Hi not sure if anyone remembers be but, hi I'm back with better art, my user name used to be discorded jinx
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jinx sits in a smaller cage, bored out of her mind. Her celler resting his feet on her cage, a large for sale sign slapped on it. She herself was playing with her fingers passing the time

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I'm taking some art commissions, all art is traditional, all badge prices include lamination and shipping, all portrait prices include shipping
Headshots: 10$
Half Body: 15$
Full Body: 20$
Couples Half Body:30$
Couples Full Body: 50$
Shading: 5$

Half Body: 20$
Full Body: 30$
Couples Half Body: 40$
Couples Full Body: 60$
Additional characters are 10$ for each character added
Shading: 10$

Hey guys, sure has been a long time, it's your old friend discorded jinx! I'm back and ready to rp

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Sorry it's been so long but I'm back, missed you all and ready to party!!

I'm doing a question and answer for trik so ask away and we will do a video of trik and a friend answering them
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