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Just curious. 
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Mastodon is an open source, decentralized version of Twitter

So, you want to share your thoughts on social media, but you're tired of the way apps like Facebook and Twitter monopolize your posts and feed. It might be time to try an entirely new alternative: Mastodon.

Mastodon bills itself as a free, open-source social media server. Like Twitter, it's a microblogging platform. Unlike Twitter, it's non-commercial and not centrally owned, so you don't have to worry about what will happen to your account or your posts if it gets acquired by another company.

Mastodon has a similar look and feel to Tweetdeck, employing a column-based UI for your timeline, mentions, and its compose field. You can share thoughts or article links via text, and can attach media to your posts.

Personally I do like the look and feel of it, and I'm already seeing more uptake than I did with (which was also very elementary to start with).


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I love you, miss you lots, +Mike Burchett​. 

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