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Have you ever wondered if the dreams you're having are prophetic?
Listen to this great teaching on dreams and find out how in your dreams is the secret to your success in The Lord.

Find out here about prophetic dreams and why dreams are such an important part of God's move for the last days.

Have you ever had a dream and wondered if it's prophetic? Are you confused by some much information by "teachers" but not enough revelation from God? Listen to this teaching.

Have you ever had a dream and wondered if it's prophetic? Do you sometimes feel confused as to what dreams are what? Listen to this teaching and clear up all doubt.

Have you ever had a dream and wanted to know if it was prophetic. Find out by listening to this show.

How you ever felt envy? Envy is the satanic, evil and selfish desire for someone else's blessing. Find out here how dangerous it can actually be.

Have you ever felt envy or had anyone envious toward you?. Learn how dangerous this is and what it can do against you.

Jesus is coming. The King will soon arrive and the hope of many has been taken away by erroneous theology. Let's examine by revelation the rapture of the church.

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