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Hey Scotty, I've got a 2007 Outback I've replaced both front hub assemblies and thought at least replacing the right side would get rid of a loud groan the car makes when turning right at high speeds 50+ mph. If it's not the wheel bearings up front what else could cause a groaning noise? Could the rear bearings make more noise when turning?

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Not your typical surf beach - Aleutian islands, Alaska #photo by chris burkard #surfing

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Researchers from School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (at the Georgia Institute of Technology) have devised their own version of an advanced capacitor dielectric material. Created from silica sol-gel and self-assembled layers of a common fatty acid, this new material is touted to have an impressive energy storage capacity that equals some varieties battery system. In essence, the material has the rare advantages of both high energy density and high power density – and thus can be developed as a potential alternative to conventional electrolytic capacitors.


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Hi Scotty. I've got a 1998 Subaru Outback Sport. 170,000 miles. My question is whenever I turn the car on from a cold start or fresh from the fuel pump I hear what sounds like water flowing through the front of the car. It's audible from the inside towards the dash. I hear it when I push down on the gas pedal and if I take my foot off the gas it stops. I have never had an issue with it but was wondering if it might become one in the future.
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