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Rearranging Equations
To start solving multivariable equations for a variable, I have been using this task .  (Note:  For viewable files, you must download them in word.) Here are the instructions:  And here is an example of the cut-outs I give to each group of students: The gis...

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First Week Plans: Algebra 1
Here are my basic plans for Algebra 1.  I have four sections of this.  Mostly freshmen, but some older students as well.  However, I basically consider it a freshmen course and work hard to help my students feel welcomed to high school, learn the structures...

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First Week Plans: Algebra Topics
Well Andy (@rockychat3) was nice enough to share his entire year's worth of plans for his block Algebra course, and he said he was interested in hearing about mine.  So here it goes!  These are my plans for my Algebra Topics course, this is a course for stu...

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#5things I Like About Walking
Recently my family visited St. Louis.  We walked a lot, and it reminded me of when I lived in Chicago and I also walked a lot.  It made me miss walking a lot.  And then I came home and there was this big conversation on twitter about the #FitBoS and I was s...

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While You Were Out
I've never had a good system for absent work that seemed efficient to me.  Last year I had a big bulletin board with each day of the week where I put handouts, but that doesn't summarize everything and it only worked for one class.  And the folders fell dow...

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Number Line Task
So this is the style of many of the tasks that I do in my room, heavy on math, lots of opportunities for me to check in with students as a group and individually, reflection, and math, not always context.  But some people at #eduread wanted to see an exampl...

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Brain Dump...Beginning of the Year
So I have a bunch of random thoughts about the beginning of the year bouncing around in my head, and I need to get them out because I won't be able to hash anything out for a few days and I don't want to forget them! I've been thinking about my first day of...

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#5things I need to do before school starts
Well, when Julie (@jreulbach) tweeted about posting a blog by Friday, I thought that sounded easy enough, but it is 11pm on Friday night and I don't really thing I have much to say.  So I'll go to a structure that often works well for me:  #5things 1.  Take...

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Units and Learning Targets 2014-2015
I often see a tweet from someone who is searching for learning targets for Algebra 1.  Two summers ago I worked hard to create learning targets and units based off of the common core standards my district has chosen for Algebra 1.  Those are posted on this ...

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Thoughts about Reflection
I've been working on a task for my students for the beginning of next year, and I'm stuck deciding between two different types of reflection questions for them to complete afterwards.  Essentially they will be answering some Talking Points-style questions i...
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