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As I write this, I'm seriously contemplating DNS’ing (did not start) tonight's 60k race. It's not just that I've been sick all week, for which I just started on antibiotics yesterday. It is that, to an extent, but also that I'm in a mental/emotional funk th...

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He Said: Joe's account of Bighorn 100
My first 100-miler has to have an accompanying race report, pretty sure that's a law of some kind.  I've resisted the urge to read Julie's so far, so that I won't start "remembering" things differently! I think she signed up for Bighorn a long time ago - I ...

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She Said: Bighorn 100 Race Report
Time for a quick selfie before the race Although Joe and I ran/walked/plodded every step of the Bighorn 100 together, we chose to write separate race reports.  I think it will be interesting to compare them and see the differences in what we choose to focus...

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Taco Cabana Challenge Recap (with photos)
This Rockhopper endurance eating competition promised an
inter-city competition featuring two legends from Austin.  Ominous clouds on the horizon and thick
humidity in the air set the stage as 9 hungry, naïve competitors toed the line
for this 9.3-mile, 3-r...

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I ran Trail Racing Over Texas' Wildflower 50k yesterday.  It seemed like a good experiment, because the race took place after exactly once month of being on the AIP diet.  Here's my experience of what went well and what didn't -- you know, for science. The ...

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AIP Update: 2 Weeks In
I'm on day 17 of the AIP diet.  Here's an update on how it's going, in case you're thinking of trying it yourself, or maybe are just a weird diet-voyeur.  (No judgment here!)  I'll do it report card-style, because Lisa Simpson is my spirit animal. Fidelity ...

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Experiment of one: AIP
On Saturday, I started the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.  So far, my progress has followed the usual steps: 1) start diet, 2) post food pic on Insta, 3) talk about diet with friends.  The next step is clearly: 4) blog about diet. Seriously, though, a coup...

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New habits
One of my colleagues at UT-Austin, Dr. Pratik Mhatre, recently published a blog post on Maximizing Mental Agility .  He included a bit about habits, which is a topic I've been thinking about recently.  I'd like to start healthier habits in my eating, exerci...

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Tinajas 100k Highlights
Last weekend, Joe and I got to experience the inaugural Tinajas 100k/50k at Colorado Bend State Park.  That park is the home of one of the Capt'n Karl's summer night races, which are my all-time faves.  The great part about Tinajas is that the 31-mile loops...

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Lone Star 100 Race Recap
Backstory This past weekend, I was fortunate to experience the inaugural Lone Star 100 mile race, put on by Rob and Rachel Goyen of Trail Racing Over Texas.  I had been hoping to run it, but had wanted to wait until after HURT before signing up.  Since I DN...
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