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Donald: English Language Consultant
Donald: English Language Consultant

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Difficulty level: Intermediate
Movies: Drama
Pulp Fiction: I Want To Dance
In this famous scene from the Quentin Tarantino cult classic about professional assassins in Los Angeles, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), the wife of a powerful gang boss, insists that her husband’s employee, hit man Vince Vega (John Travolta) dance with her at a 1950s-themed diner.

Supawan 088-249-4917 / 089-201-1680

Donald 081-855-2701

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Well, I didn't make this list again. Maybe next year!

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Ajarn Donald's English Language Services is using TalentLMS
to host all of our NEW Online English courses which mean you are now able to learn/improve your English skills from your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Convenience and affordable English lessons for kids, teens, and adults. 088-249-4917/089-201-1680 092-267-8113

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Ajarn Donald’s English Language Services has entered the Online Digitized Interactive phase of delivering quality English lessons for everyone. We have Kids 1 Sample available now (above) Teens 1 and Adults 1 samples lessons coming soon. These lessons have audio as well as text. We will be adding interactive videos to the paid versions launching soon. We have many options available so that you have control to choose how and what you want to learn and of course you can learn from any device with Internet access. You can choose to study as a private 1-1 or in a group with your friends or colleagues to save more money.



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New Online Interactive Digitized Courses for
Kids Teens Adults Coming Soon
FREE Trials easy payments are available

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FREE English Course Sample Lesson for teenagers.

Teens 1 is a course designed for teenagers, taking them from Beginner to Intermediate level. It follows the modular approach which enables students to deal with topics in depth. Its multi-dimensional syllabus combines lexis, grammar structures, language functions, skills work and pronunciation.

Course Features:

. Eight modules
. Five lessons and a revision section after each module
. Lively dialogues highlighting the adventures of a group of young students
. Motivating and contemporary topics providing students with multicultural and cross-curricular information
. Clear grammar presentations and practice
. A step-by-step guide to writing, beginning from sentence level to different types of writing, providing students with plenty of practice
. Culture pages introducing students to the English-speaking world
. Lively, topic-based songs
. 80-Hour course with face-to-face English speaking teacher Donald Patnaude (Ajarn Donald)

Supawan 088-249-4917

Donald 092-267-8113

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School: Navamindarajudis Matchim
Location: Nakhon Sawan
Needs 2 Native English speaking teachers
begin on 01/05/2017 to teach M/1-M/6 students
35,000 Baht per month.
Send CV to

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