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Todd Keller
Digital Account Manager | SureWest Directories | Online | Local Search
Digital Account Manager | SureWest Directories | Online | Local Search

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Amen +aj Kohn!!!

I cannot believe Google is taking away Google Reader. I use it literally multiple times over day. It keeps me informed. It works well. I don't understand why they constantly have to tool with things that work well.

So perhaps it doesn't make them enough money? Are they not able to extract enough user data from it to make it worth their time ? Does it even require any upkeep? Seems pretty simple.

Either way....I am bummed out. Tried out a couple new RSS readers last night from my Android phone...which is where I use G Reader 100% of the time and it was a terrible experience. I wasn't able to accomplish what I was looking for.

Google Google Google. Don't take away (or fix) what ain't broke! 

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This is a must for any local business! 

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More talking points. Sound familiar? 

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Great info to use when pitching SEO/Optimize. This takes a lot of work and our List, Local and Optimize will do it for our clients. You can also offer consultative suggestions as added value for clients to strengthen your relationship.

My 2 cents! 

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Terrific, timely piece on G+ Local

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Herlache and Sons is a family owned and operated residential and commercial painting contractor. I highly recommend these guys if you're looking for painting services in the Sacramento, Roseville, Orangevale, Folsom, Citrus Heights region and beyond.... check them out. 

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Thank you for sharing, +Ivan Dimitrijević .

I haven't checked but us the Larry Page interview on Charlie Rose from last week up on YouTube? I imagine it is. 
Larry Page, Google CEO, speaking at Zeitgeist 2012.

Beyond Today - Larry Page - Zeitgeist 2012

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Important stuff right here for any local business owner. 
Expert Teaches You How to Bring in Massive Traffic with Google Places on the Next "Entrepreneurial Interviews" - Next Thursday 31st of May 7PM Eastern

About a month ago I started learning about Google Places and how to get traffic from them. I studied a course called "MapMagic" and it blew me away!

I'm currently ranked for #2 for "Social Media" in Denver in Google Maps! Why is this important? Mobile! Anyone searching on a mobile device (smart phone, tablet) in Denver for "Social Media' will find me...

AND Google Search, Google is consistently adding "Local" results (Google Places) to it's search listings. So it's important to rank in Places even from an organic search perspective.

AND get this, I achieved #2 with about an hour's worth tweaking work!!! I went from Page "non-existent" to Page #1 in a matter of a few days. Pretty cool huh? Now I'm applying these same strategies to our mortgage business "Limetree Lending Group" in Denver to get us ranked #1! BUT, I figured I'd get some more training before I went forward. Soo......

I brought the Google Places Expert behind MapsMagic on for a session of "Entrepreneurial Interviews". In this exclusive interview I'm going ask about his entrepreneurial story, how he got started, his passion, all that, AND then turn the mic over to him for some INTENSIVE Google Places training!!

Register for the LIVE Interview & Training HERE -->>

If you own a local business or consult local business owners... YOU DON'T want to miss this event!

The Creator of MapsMagic, +Michael Taggart has simplified the process of ranking Page 1, #1 in Google Places listing that rake in massive traffic for very competitive keywords.

This is going to be a "first of it's kind" Hangout experience and I'm so excited to bring it to you!. Register here-->
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