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Dracula's Castle

It is perhaps the most famous castle in Romania and that because of its association with Dracula. Foreign tourists from all over the world come here hoping to find evidence of the existence of Dracula or thrill to live in a castle in legend. The first notes about the existence of the castle dates from 1377, although the city was then only a military purpose. While the castle was fortified because of its strategic position, and for a period belonged to the royal family of Romania. Now, here is a museum covers four floors that can be seen collections of ceramics, weapons, armor, furniture, and the castle museum is a small village with traditional houses from the Rucar Bran.
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Romania Tourism
Dracula may be its most infamous resident, but Romania has much more to offer the visitor than a blood-sucking character and a Gothic atmosphere. Since its economic recovery from years of hardship, this beautiful East European country has become a welcoming tourist destination. It was under the dictatorial rule of Ceausescu that Romania suffered most for a large part of the last century. The economy was left in ruins by his corruption and mismanagement of the country's finances. As he and his family grew richer, his countrymen were left to starve and struggle in poverty. Once Ceausescu was removed from power, the country was able to slowly recover, and progress during the first decade of the 21st century has been steadily making this an attractive destination. The first place you are likely to encounter when you reach Romania is the city of Bucharest. At one time, it was compared to Paris, but there is now much poverty among the local people, and the damage done by ill-advised redevelopment projects during Ceausescu's rule, has destroyed much of what once made this city great. Many historic buildings were torn down, displacing the unique fusion of influences from France and Turkey, and replacing it with bland communist tower blocks. This is a city of extremes, and you are likely to find luxury and riches alongside shocking deprivation, but it is the historic character of the city that you will no longer see here. A city that has survived much more completely is the charming Brasov. Surrounded by the natural grandeur of the mountains, this is a real glimpse into Romania's past. Being slightly off the usual tourist trails, you will find this to be the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. There is a beautiful square and an abundance of excellent cafes in which to while away a quiet hour or two. For the more adventurous, the hills outside the city offer a wide range of activities to keep you busy; from stunning routes for a gentle hike, to adrenalin boosters such as parachuting. There are also some great places to camp in the area. If you're interested in organized activities, such as rock climbing or skiing, there are plenty of local providers. If you have the time, rent a car and head up into the Carpathians, where you will find yourself in the sort of fairy tale landscape you have only dreamed of. Traveling through these magnificent mountains you will discover hundreds of attractive spots among the gorges and waterfalls, so make sure you bring plenty of batteries for your camera! You may also spot some of the rare species that have found a haven among this breathtaking scenery, including wolves and bears. During your trip to these mountains, pay a visit to Bran Castle, if only to say that you've been there. This was supposedly the home of Dracula, according to the author Bram Stoker. There is a real castle here, but it was never in fact the home of Stoker's inspiration Count Dracula, but was for Vlad Tepes. Vlad the Impaler was a real historical figure, known for his bloodthirsty ways -- although he never literally drank the blood of his victims! provides you the informations you need and tells you <a href="">where in romania</a> to go when you need a vacantion or simply you want to visit a verry special place on earth. A visit to Romania is well worthy of your precious vacation time - and no garlic is required!
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