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Prabhash Roy
Dr. Prabhash, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Delhi, India
Dr. Prabhash, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Delhi, India

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Please read details provided with all our videos here, some videos you may find on our website. reading in detail in description & video demonstration will provide you answer of almost all common questions.
For Male & Female Genital Surgeries please visit my website , those videos cant be embeded here.
Thanks & Regards.
Dr. Prabhash, M.S., M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery)(Mumbai)
Consultant Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon, New Delhi, Delhi, India.

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Penis Fat Grafting or Penis fat injection for penis thickness enlargement Surgery -
Eligibility - Depends upon choice of patient.
Evaluation of size and some blood tests for fitness is required.
Day Care surgery- 1.5 to 2 hours, rest after surgery 6-7 hours , after that discharge from hospital.
absolute bed rest not required but still advisable to take rest for 5-6 days due to location of surgery.
healing period 5-7 days.
all smooth gentle activity allowed 4-6 hours after surgery, avoid heavy work for 3 weeks (as in any surgery), avoid sexual activity for 6-10 weeks.
most of fat graft persists there and repeat procedure is required very rarely.

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Tumescent Liposuction is still the safest & the best way for permanent fat removal.
Liposuction surgery course & recovery - initial consultation & discuss the things, followed by some blood tests, if found fit you may book date for surgery.
on the day of liposuction surgery - nil 6 hours before surgery - nil by mouth,
one hour before surgery - you come
5-10 minutes before surgery - under anaesthesia
anaesthesia - mostly general is better, local for smaller volumes,
Liposuction surgery duration - 1.5-3 hours usual average.
fully awake 5-10 minutes after surgery, rest for 3 hours then you may take tea, coffee, 6-7 hours after surgery you may be discharged, gentle work and movements allowed.
a compression garment will be there continuously for 5 days, 1st visit after 5 days. after that relatively free for regular work. finally course may vary little bit from case to c

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Liposuction or Fat Reduction or Fat Removal Lipoplasty : This video provides you details about liposuction surgery procedure, assessment of fat distribution, Tumescent infiltration technique followed by fat removal with liposuction procedure , skin stimulation to promote post surgery skin contraction & Liposuction Before After. So both Liposuction Surgery details and Liposuction result you may see here.
Liposuction Delhi Fat Reduction Body Reshaping India

for penis thickening or penis fat grafting for penis enlargement please visit our website.

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Vagina Tightening Surgery - Details about vagina looseness, Kegel Exercise & its limitations, video demonstration of vaginal wall movement during kegel, vagina tightening surgery and post surgery vagina canal tightness. you may compare vaginal canal tightness before 7 after.
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