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Did I mention we had a baby?
hello, is anyone up?  I should be in bed fast asleep because all my kids are sleeping but I just can't. ALL the kids are asleep and the world/my house is my oyster. For the first time in 12 hours I can just sit here and do... well whatever the heckkkk I wan...

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He is Risen!!
Just a month behind in pressing the publish button, not so bad for a once a decade blogger ;).  Happy Easter!! We had the most marvelous, peaceful time at my mom and dads yesterday. I called mom at 430 on Saturday to see what I could make/pick up from the s...

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All will be well
Dan Lyons, a dear friend of ours, has lost his 5 year battle to cancer this morning. I have no doubt that he shot straight like an arrow to Heaven with Mary holding him and presenting him to Jesus. My heart is full of sadness and my eyes tears for his famil...

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Ash Wednesday Mass and My Sweet Isaac
Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday with our big boys (1st and kindergartener) at their all school Mass. I absolutely love going to Mass at their Salestian school where the music and Mass parts are done with much joy and enthusiasm by all of the students. I a...

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Cast Free for this Mamma!
Always some sort of news over here to announce , so without further adieu: We are now official nanny-less. Tears and more tears. We will miss our Emily dearly, and I mean dearly, but so thankful that she is family and marrying my brother come August, so s...

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- So there is t his article swirling around good ol' Facebook about how "The Blog" is a thing of the past. When I read it I literally Lol, because I am always so 10 years behind the times!  - Who knew life would slow down for me this  much with the use of o...

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Moms are not suppose to be sick
Hello!!  I am starting off with hello, because it feels like forever since I have been online or visited this blog.  So again, Hello dear readers! I have been back from the hospital now for a week and our life has taken some slight twists and turns since I ...

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Christmas 2013... just a little bit late
Christmas 2013 Is it really January 11th?  Well yes, yes it is, but that is not going to deter me from finally typing out some Christmas cheer.   Father Zyg was here for Christmas and it was nothing less than awesome to have him with us. We were able to att...

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The Holiday Hairdo
This Christmas my generous parents gave all of us siblings and our spouses a night out together-- which equaled an amazing five star dinner, a Christmas broadway show and fully paid babysitters as the icing on the cake.  So...  on our night out I decided to...

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Sunday- Not So Best
If you make it through to the end of this post, God bless ya, because this is the longest Mass recap that I have ever done... We in Team Boda land have been on a roll for weeks with good behavior in Church. Each Sunday we have been boppin' to this good, con...
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