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Alex Chalk
I'm here to roll dice and play pretend. Also I'm gay as hell
I'm here to roll dice and play pretend. Also I'm gay as hell

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Asking here because I know at least a couple have run World of Dungeons: how do you handle wizards' summoning? Does the wizard have to bargain with the spirit every time? Does that take up time in combat? If so, can the mage ask for certain abilities ahead of time?

I ran Maze Rats a few weeks back. The mechanics were mostly solid but I found combat very slow - the curve on 2d6 means a target with AC 7 is very hard to do any actual damage to, and even with 1 HD enemies and morale rolls widdling that away can be a bit of slog.

Was wondering if anyone might have some thoughts. How have combats gone in your game? What worked, what didn't?

So, after countless delays and flake-outs I ran my first in-the-flesh session of Monsterhearts, and ooooooh boy did it go well! Our first session left us with a fantastic cast, a really cool, creepy setting, and some looming menaces. I'm here to talk about the menaces.

The first session saw the appearance of two factions: The Serpentine's snake-aristocracy parents, and the Ghoul's tentacular patron in the lake. It's been established that these factions are fighting, or at least competing for sacrifices, but I haven't figured out what to do with them.

Before next session I'd like to have a better idea of how to use these. I tried working out a menace sheet but I can't seem to get a good sense of what this conflict is about (power, probably?), what the stakes are, or, most importantly, what their MOs are.

Any advice?

With Events coming back to the main G+ interface what are the chances we can use those for games? Can't seem to keep on top of the Google calendar...

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I went to Orlando Pride last weekend and saw a lot of young people who were out and unafraid in a way that was not just unattainable to me when I was their age, but completely incomprehensible.It's hard to explain how proud I was of them, but being there so soon after the election drove home just how much we absolutely must not screw this up for these kids. Our incoming administration is full of people who have promised to torture and destroy these children, and from the way things are shaking out, the only reliable line of defense for vulnerable LGBT people, especially kids, will be members of their community.

Zebra Coalition is a support and advocacy group for LGBT youth in Central Florida. If you can donate to or volunteer at Zebra Coalition or to another org like it, it will go a long long way for people who truly need it.
- Zebra Coalition
- Zebra Coalition
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Sorry to be all over this board. Last question for a while:

Say you've got a spell that lasts 6 turns. You cast it while exploring a dungeon. Three (ten-minute) turns elapse before you enter combat. Does the spell run out 3 rounds into the fight?

Suggestions for determining magic items possessed by an NPC thief?

I'm thinking 2%/level for a magic shortsword or dagger
5%/level for a miscellaneous magic item, check this twice.

How do retainers and mercenaries for into XP attribution?

Thinking about Maze Rats, but this is also totally doable with ItO:

I like Into the Odd but I also like D&D style 2d6 reaction rolls. What's a guy to do? I thought about adding a Charisma score but that doesn't actually help because you don't get the scaled success of the reaction roll.


So when you make your guy you roll appearance and personality traits, yeah?

So when relevant, you roll a 2d6 reaction roll. Each personality trait and/or appearance gives a + or - 1 as suits the situation, your approach, and the person you're trying to impress. So "brawny" works well if you're trying to look scary; "Pious" or something would be good if talking to a priest, etc.

Anyone know a way to add blank pages to a PDF?
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