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We are now open on Thursdays from 2-6pm!

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Open House & Patient Appreciation Day!
Please join us on Saturday! We appreciate our patients and would like to show you how we feel by inviting you to our July 16 Open House. If you haven't had your Posture Scan yet, this is the perfect time! And while you're here, enjoy some refreshments, participate in the raffle and try to win a door prize!

Saturday July 16, 2016, 9am - 1pm

Basics First Chiropractic
1509 Dodona Terrace, Suite 100
Leesburg, VA 20175


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Crawl in's welcome in chiropractic!

We now offer Thursday hours from 11am to 3pm. We are providing nutritional consults and exercise instruction as well as our regular chiropractic treatment for those who can’t get in any other time!

Wednesday, August 19th
FREE Posture Scans For Children & Adults
Back to Basics Day will include talks on back-to-school essential oils, demonstrations on proper lifting techniques, massage stick usage, & AromaTouch techniques. Raffles and giveaways! All ages are welcome! Come join the FUN!
We Will Be Accepting Donations of Children's School Supplies

BRRRR....The cold weather is here which means inflammation flares up, the immunity system goes down and the pressure headaches come. We are now offering to all NEW patients a FREE wellness consult and complimentary Vibra Plate.

The Vibra Plate is a total body vibration machine that increases fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, bone strength and lymphatic drainage. It helps strengthen weakened areas which in turn reduce pain.

Learn how to be your best health advocate in our FREE wellness classes. Try conservative care first.
Did you know that essential oils are natural oils that are great for people of all ages? They help restore balance and immunity, as well as healing cuts, burns and bruises. Come learn more about the amazing benefits in our FREE essential oil classes and events.

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Posture Exercise Class

We offer a posture exercise class for groups on Thursdays.
A group of five participants is just $30!
Plus you’ll receive a complimentary Posture Scan and a  $10 Hand Scan.
Call 703-777-2532 now to set up a time for your group!
You can get a group of co-workers to come, a group of friends, neighbors, couples, or book club.

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Receive the new Wellnessbox!
Receive a monthly delivery of our new Wellnessbox January through March.
Each Wellnessbox that you receive will be full of hand-selected, personalized self-care items.
Choose to receive one or receive all three! Just choose the amount you wish to spend. We select the perfect products that match up to your needs.
Contact us today and receive the new Wellnessbox in your mailbox!

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Help for Sore Muscles - September Muscle Stick Class

Saturday September 6 at 12:30 p.m.

In this class you'll learn how to use a Muscle Stick to reduce muscle pain, soreness, knots, and stiffness. We'll show you how the individual spindles on the stick target the various muscle groups easily. You'll see how to improve your flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention, and injury therapy. The muscle stick can be used anywhere on your body such as your back, legs, and neck. Learn how to use it give yourself a massage in an easy and convenient way. I really like this tool and I am excited to show you how beneficial it can be for your muscles. I hope you'll join us! - Dr. Misty Paul

Guests are always welcome!

Let us know you're coming by calling 703-777-2532.
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5 Tips on Wellness Class to be offered on Sept 25 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Workshop on Wellness (WOW)
Guests are always welcome!
Let us know you’re coming: Call 703-777-2532 or email us.
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