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Happy New Year Rochester
What Attracts Me to Rochester I came to Rochester in
1988 for a job, but there are many things that keep me here: R for Redwings, Rhinos, Amerks, Razor Sharks, Knighthawks, Flash and the
Raiders. We love our sports! O for Olmsted designed parks, such as Hig...

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12 Days of Christmas - Real Estate Style
On the twelfth day of
Christmas My Realtor ® sent to me: Twelve
Offers Coming!!! Eleven Ads Hyping Ten Inspectors Weeping Nine Buyers Prancing Eight Contractors Bilking Seven Appraisers Slimming Six Prayers for Saying Five Feedback Stings Four Falling Hopes...

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New photo calendar for 2017. The Genesee River through the seasons. #Roc #Genesee River

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Six Free (and Cool) Things to Do in Rochester
It's the time of the year to count blessings and give
thanks.  I have a great family, wonderful
friends, awesome clients, good health and much, much more to be thankful
for.  I'm also thankful for my adoptive
hometown, Rochester, NY, and all that it offers....

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One Nation Under God
There have been so many surprises over the past few months in relation to the national election. Surprises about missing e-mails and missing tax returns.  Surprises about locker room talk and board room speeches.  But more surprising than the sparring betwe...

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Market Report - Honeoye Falls - Autumn 2016
When I relocated to the Rochester area in 1988, my drive to Rochester took me through the Village of Honeoye Falls.  It was love at first site.  I ended of living there for 15 years and while I currently live in the city of Rochester, Honeoye Falls holds a ...

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Highland Park Through the Seasons

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National Re-Read Your Home Inspection Report Day
It seems we have a holiday for everything.  There is the upcoming day to give thanks plus we have a day to recognize moms and dads and grandparents and even secretaries.  A few weeks ago I heard  it was National Adoption Day.  We have a day to appreciate ca...

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