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GDG Central Virginia
Central Virginia Chapter of the Google Developer Group #GDGcva
Central Virginia Chapter of the Google Developer Group #GDGcva


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Added photos to Google I/O Extended @ Neon Guild - GDG Central Virginia.
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Shout out to all GDG Central Virginia members!

We are proud to announce an upcoming partnership with the longest standing tech community in the Charlottesville area, Neon Guild, to bring to you an informational and FUN Google I/O Extended! Google I/O 2017 took place in Mountain View, CA from May 17th-19th. We will be getting together at our gracious host's office - Center for Open Science on June 6th at 6 PM.

Our extended event is sponsored by Google and will be a combination of free food, drinks, quick presentations on the latest technology news from Google, networking and conversation amongst the Neon Guild community!

Part I will be a day earlier at OpenGrounds @UVA at 1:30 PM where we will be streaming some live sessions from Google I/O to the group while consuming goodies and conversing with other group members.

GDG Central Virginia Google I/O Extended will have information on:

• Google Lens

• Google Home

• Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

• Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

• Firebase

• Polymer 2.0 Web Components

• Google Cloud

• Accessibility

• Project Tango

• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

• Google Photos / Google Photo Books

• Android Developments


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GDG Central Virginia @ edUi Conference #devfest #gdg - October 25, 2016

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Hi Everyone!

It's been a while, and we have been working behind the scenes to bring some new and interesting events to you throughout the rest of 2016.

Google Developer Expert Jonathan Garbee returns to give a talk about the work he has done contributing to Google's front end styling framework-independent component library: Material Design Lite.

In this talk we will gain insight into the development of Material Design Lite. Spanning from hearing about the initial incubation to the biggest post-launch problems. This talk will provide you with what was learned while building software for other people to develop with.

What is Material Design Lite? "An implementation of Material Design components in vanilla CSS, JS, and HTML. Material Design Lite (MDL) lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your static content websites. It doesn't rely on any JavaScript frameworks or libraries."

In other news:

We welcome Jonathan as a new Co-Organizer for our GDG! As both a GDE and GDG Organizer, Jonathan is in a unique position to work within both programs and help improve how they work together while helping us develop our group.

Also, we are very close to officially announcing our first DevFest in October 2016 here in Charlottesville. More information is forthcoming.

We hope to see you on July 27th at WillowTree Apps!

-Starrie, Jossay, Doug and Jonathan
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GDG Central Virginia has announced our 2016 DevFest. It will be a developer-centric track within the edUi Conference - an annual UI/UX Conference for web professionals in higher education, museums, and libraries.
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This is last minute but you are all invited to come join us in Alderman Library to watch the Google I/0 2016 Keynote LIVE on a large screen amongst other forward thinking developers and designers. :) We will also be live streaming some of the following sessions as they occur. Here is the schedule if you would like to see a taste of what we will stream live.

This is our first I/O Extended and will be pretty low key, but we hope you can make it!

Parking is available in the Newcomb Hall Parking garage and sometimes on the street on University Avenue.

Room 421 is on the main floor. Walk in the front door and go left. Turn right into the Scholars Lab and Room 421 will be on the right.

See you on Wednesday!

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Hi Everyone!

Our group has been on a bit of a hiatus meetup-wise, although we have been working on some exciting upcoming events behind the scenes. Keep a lookout for announcements about some exciting developments for GDG Central Virginia in 2016!

Progressive Web Apps are here. They provide offline capability, improved performance, and an abundance of APIs to give powerful abilities to applications. In order to use these APIs, your application must be secure. Learn why security is important and how to use Let's Encrypt to secure your application for free.

This month we welcome back Jonathan Garbee on Friday April 22, 2016 to lead our group on this topic. Jonathan is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and Chromium Contributor. He works on the official DevTools documentation to assist developers in building their applications rapidly and making sure they hit RAIL metrics.
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