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Enterprise Search Engine Optimization and Social SEO
Enterprise Search Engine Optimization and Social SEO


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"These go to eleven." Get a look at what's new from Google and Android, live from Los Angeles, 2 pm Pacific. Share this post.
Hey everyone--you might want to tune in to the following link in about a half hour at 2PM PST. Should be a lot of fun!
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Increase the Visibility of your Google+ Business Page Blog post by +Julio Fernandez To confirm the ownership of a site, Google looks for two things: a rel=publisher tag from your Web site to your Google+ page and a reciprocal link back from your Google+ page to the main page of your Web site.

Read the blog post: to learn how to add the tags and validate your Google+ business page to help and Google+ users find you.
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Global Strategies will give our Google+ followers access to our recent white papers on Search Engine Optimization, Consumer Intent Modeling TM and Social / Local / Mobile strategies. Please follow these three steps to opt-in:

1. Click the red "Add to Circles" button on the upper right of our page:

2. Click on the "3 comments" link from this blog post where you can see the three options to opt-in to.

3. Mouse over the three comments to see the +1 icon and click +1 on the topic that you would like to opt-in to.

Now that we know the topics you are interested in, we will add you to our Google+ circle for that topic. Each time we create a new white paper or point of view, you will get a link to that document.

If you have any questions, the "about" tab on our Google+ business page has our contact information.
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