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Software Engineer, Programming Guru, Sarcastic Person


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So, this just ended in front of my house
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Call from the Vet:
Vet:"Sudo did well in the procedure, 10 minutes after it was over, he was up, wagging his tail, acting like nothing happened."
Me: "So, he needs to take it easy the next few days, right?"
Vet: "Yes, he'll need to be relaxed and calm for the next few days, no intense activity"
Me: "You met Sudo, and saw him after surgery, is there any way that's going to happen naturally"
Vet: "No, but we'll send you home with some mild tranquilizers to make sure he takes it easy until he's all healed up"

I'm just laughing, because they think Sudo is going to calm down just because they removed his testicles, but I know 60 POUND puppy is just going to be continuing to bounce off of the walls
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Still trying to figure out how this is still a thing that is rampant on +Ingress
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Share location Action Button

Is there any way to make the share location button always active but disabled until it can determine if it can be used or give us the ability to hide it from the dashboard? I've accidentally hit a few buttons because it lags behind and then moves the other buttons down (so I hit navigate and accidentally make a call, etc.)

Since android 8.0 it's been difficult to return to music after started for me due to the proximity of the "tap to return to music" button and the top bar which now starts pulling down immediately when touched. I was wondering if there was any potential to change that behavior.

One of the things +Ingress could provide to reduce the NEED for all of these data scraping tools

The major issue with most of the user base is the lack of a way to verify the identity of people online, whether it be if a certain person is a Resistance Agent, whether a certain person is an Enlightened agent, whether a person is the level they say they are, and the ability to view their own data without the app (for loading into whatever data aggregation tool they specify). Look at the tools like agent stats (which I haven't heard about in a long time, but mostly because I'm not playing as much anymore).

Is Guardian hunting still going to happen? Yes, it will, and there's not much Niantic can do about it. In the early days of the game, that data was directly available on the portal details, and then it was removed because people complained about it. I still think that badge should get some sort of an overhaul anyway, but that's a different discussion.

Is comm scraping to check for potential comm abusers, look for new players, tracking action times between portals (for spoofing), and tracking comms for potential multi-accounters going to happen? Yes, because Niantic hasn't done anything to be proactive on this front, or if they have, they haven't been transparent about this at all.

Is stalking going to happen in one way or another? Yes, but that's the danger of using a game which has comm-based actions and allows people to see actions that you are taking, and this has to be balanced with the fact that there needs to be a better process to prevent access to that data once a player is banned, sadly the only way to do that is to involve local authorities as it's the only way to legally prevent stalking.

Of nearly all of the tools that I've seen, the bast majority of them were set up to associate online identities with the agent playing, yes there are other uses for these scrapers, but when it all boils down, the base of the problem had nearly always been trying to correlate an online identity to an agent and scanner.
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Because I'm preparing for the amazing Christmas Season early :D
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I've been using Drivemode for quite a while now, I really love the app and all of the enhancements that have been made, I guess one Suggestion I would have is giving me the ability to mute text readouts on a single drive basis, for instances when I'm taking shorter drives, or know I'll be hit up a lot, I'd almost rather be able to mute the readouts altogether.

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I thought ingress was #moreThanAGame
If you're worried about "losing money" and all of that bullshit, don't cancel your plans, but instead find a way to help the community with manpower and YOUR time rather than complaining about the fact that you can't "Go To An Anomaly" and "help the local economy" of Houston.
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You know what, everyone is right, I am literally the reason that the Kansas City Resistance failed to win the #13MAGNUSReawakens Anomaly. Because I decided that rather than pursue a task of being in the field, battling it out, I'd play the role I'm much better suited for and dispatch. It is everyone's fault who did not play on the ground, because if you don't own a portal, it doesn't matter what you do to it. I feel terrible that I let my team, my faction, and my friends down by not doing what I could to keep the anomaly on track, we weren't outnumbered by the Enlightened, we weren't affected by some outside influence other than literal people playing the game. If you want to win anomalies, you have to play in anomalies, you can't win by sitting back and being a Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback about your team's performance on Sunday, you have to literally be the person who is out there, battling for it all. So yes. I 100% take the blame for the Resistance losing the Anomaly, and hope that the folks of Kansas City can accept my apology for doing everything that I could outside of literally taking my scanner downtown and trying to play the game against other people in the tremendous heat, with the pain of dealing with walking all over the city, by doing what I could to help plan the event, and make sure people were paired with the people who they meshed well with, dealt with last minute sign-ups, dealing with people upset that they weren't with the person they wanted to be with in their teams. The amount of stress that I endured for the event on Saturday is not measurable, and I've had the stress of that loss on my shoulders since it occurred, it was over after P3 M1 and to the point where it wasn't recoverable when I asked for troops to go back into the playbox and kill all green and was told that "oh, we can do our field plan, I promise" I literally lost days of sleep, trying to do what I could to scrape together a team that could assist the ground troops, and unfortunately wasn't able to get people who were in the right position at the right time. I put this blame on myself, I failed the Resistance as a whole and for that I apologize, I will do my best to allow others to take positions where they are able to help and hopefully, they will be able to do a better job than I at the task which we are given, I am clearly the worst at that position and have no idea how to take the responsibility for a loss. I wish you all the best, have a great Q4 set of anomalies, I don't think I have it in me to even try at this point.
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