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Happy Resurrection Day!
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New photojournal blog post by me. Click through and check it out.

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2014 Lunar Eclipse
This is a Lunar Eclipse series I made on April 14/15th.

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H/T +Caleb Suko

I've heard of many of the books David Platt speaks about in the video at the link provided. I haven't fell for one of them.

People are so desperate for something tangible to hold onto for the afterlife that they'll just about believe anything.

God's Word is the #truth . We need to be looking to God's Word, not man, for answers.
The new movie based on the bestselling book comes out on Easter. David Platt provides some guidance on how we should think about this.
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+Kimberly A Edwards the links I posted above examine the relevant scriptures in detail.

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Video of the day!

This. will. blow. you. away. It was from last year. But, I just saw it now.

This is exactly what my work is all about... Helping people see that they can do something in their lives.

I cried through this entire video. It is mind blowing.

+A New Life Oasis
The Mind, Body & Soul Specialist
is +Kimberly A Edwards.

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Awesome story of three centenarian sisters. Heartwarming and amazing.
A look at three amazing siblings who have each lived over a century
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This is amazing.  God bless them!!!

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Image of the Day!

H/T +I'm Lovin' Animals!
Having a bad day?

Here's a pic of dogs meet a dolphin to make your day better.. 
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Perfect timing! Amazing photo!
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I'm a Jesus The Messiah follower. I love 1st - God, 2nd - my husband, 3rd - family, 4th - friends, and the rest comes afterward. I love to help people by praying for them, encouraging and supporting them. I'm also a Biker Chic with my husband the biker d00d. I love nature and life in general.

I love photography. I aspire to be a great photographer someday. I look for the beauty around me to shoot as a memory of my life's journey. I'm a bit quirky and weird. It's just me!


I'm a massage therapist in CA State. I focus on whole wellness. I have a Google Page you can check out. My business name is: A New Life Oasis. I've been a body worker for as long as I can remember. I set it in place by going to massage school and graduated in 2003 and becoming licensed in the State of WA the same year. Since then I've also became a certified life coach. Now, adding to my therapy work, art. I'm still learning. Learning is a life long process.

A member of the Google Community for Behind the Lens Photo Critiquing.
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Nothing to brag about except for Jesus The Messiah!
  • Ashmead College (Now Everest)
    Massage Therapy, 2002 - 2003
    Study focus on massage theory and technique to offer therapeutic massage as treatment for chronic pain, recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation.
  • Life Breakthrough Coaching and Academy
    Biblical Life Coach, 2013 - 2013
    Study focus on Biblical concepts to apply to real life in facilitating personal growth and development to help people bridge the gap from being stuck to moving forward in a positive motion in their lives.
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Three Sisters Over 100 Years Old? Find Out Their Longevity Secrets!

A look at three amazing siblings who have each lived over a century

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